Are Raccoons Related To Bears?

Are raccoons related to bears?

Key Takeaway: Raccoons and bears may look similar, but they are not closely related.

Raccoons are small to medium-sized mammals known for their black masks and ringed tails. They live in forests and eat both plants and animals.

Bears, on the other hand, are much larger, with a stocky build and shaggy fur. They can be found across North America, Europe, Asia, and parts of South America. They mainly eat fish, seals, and other small mammals.

Though they may share some physical similarities, raccoons and bears have diverged into separate branches early in their lineage. This explains why their true evolutionary relationship is not close. So, remember that physical similarities among different species can be misleading when assessing their true relationship. It is important to consider genetic information and common ancestry as well.

Are raccoons and bears related?

Raccoons and bears don't have an immediate relation.

Raccoons are very adaptable animals, famous for their masked faces and dexterous front paws. They are found in North and Central America, living in various habitats such as forests, swamps and even cities.

Bears are recognized by their size and strength. They are spread around the world, like the grizzly bear in North America and the polar bear in the Arctic.

Both animals have similar behaviours. They can climb easily and some species of both hibernate during winter. It's not easy to make a bear leave your property and it's not easy to make a raccoon leave either!

Both animals can actually be quite dangerous. By nature, bears are very strong, fierce, and protective of their cubs. Raccoons are generally more interested in garbage in the city than anything else, but a rabid raccoon can cause a lot of problems and safety concerns.

Differences Between Raccoons and Bears

Raccoons and bears may look similar, but they are different animals. Bears are much heftier than raccoons. Bears have a humped back, while raccoons have slim builds. Raccoons eat both plants and animals, but bears mainly only eat meat. Bears hibernate in winter, but raccoons don't. Bears are loners, while raccoons like to live together in "nursery colonies".

If you see either of these animals in the wild, keep your distance and don't interact with them. Safety first! For immediate raccoon removal services, call Secret Agent Pest Control & Wildlife Removal today!


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