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When it comes to safety and regulations related to pest control, our locally-based pest control company is knowledgeable and up-to-date on all the relevant certifications, licenses, and laws that guide our industry. 

We adhere strictly to these regulations and are committed to providing a professional pest control service that is safe for our clients, their families, and their pets.

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Our staff members are trained and certified in the safe application of pesticides and other strategies used for pest prevention. We understand that proper use of chemicals can be harmful if not properly applied. 

In order to ensure safety during the application of pesticides, we maintain a policy of wearing protective gear such as face masks or other clothing articles when applying chemicals. 

Furthermore, we take all necessary steps to prevent any overspray or unwanted contact with surfaces such as carpets or furniture.

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In addition to diligent poisons management procedures, we also have an understanding of the potential adverse effects of certain pesticides on human health from both direct contact and general environmental exposure. 

We take pride in providing an honest & professional service that adheres to the latest regulations so you can be confident that you are getting responsible treatment with us.

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Hiring a professional pest control company is often the most reliable and cost-effective way to handle a pest problem. While it might seem like an expensive service, there are a few things to consider when determining the cost of hiring a pest control company:

Extermination costs: Depending on the extent of your pest infestation, extermination can run anywhere from $100 - $800. In addition to labor fees, materials such as pesticides and traps are also factored into overall costs. 

Frequency of Treatment: As most pests reproduce quickly, repeat treatments may be needed to prevent recurrences. Depending on the severity of infestations and the type of pests involved, regular treatments ranging from once every three months up to once per year may be necessary in some cases. 

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