Roof Rat Removal Toronto Area

We will removal rodents from your property and make sure to close entry points.

Roof Rat Removal Service Toronto Area

As one of the best companies for providing exterminating services, Secret Agent Pest Control & Wildlife Removal will assist thousands of customers, businesses, and families in removing roof rats, house mice, Norway rats, and black rats. 

We also provide service in controlling and removing rodents from workspaces and homes. Contact us today to get a free quote and consultation in your area. 

Roof Rat Extermination Toronto Area

For thousands of years, roof rats have been one of the biggest plagues of humans.

How can you identify that there are roof rats around you? You can identify by noticing the droppings on the floor or by spotting them. You can also spot the citrus plants you have in your home, or they also eat fruits, and you can search for partially eaten fruits on the ground.

Do you see any small holes in your screen? If yes, then there is a sign of roof rats around you. What do you have to do now? Contact us at Secret pest Control and get a free consultation and quote without any fees. 

roof rat removal toronto area

Toronto Roof Rat Control Near Me

Our Secret pest Control professionals and the team will come to your home or office and will show or identify the areas of roof rat vulnerability. 

We can help you by providing the following services: 

  • Placing commercial bait
  • Extermination service
  • Water and food sources identification, such as what's the source of roof rats in your space
  • Trapping sites, roof rats dropping, and problem solving


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Toronto Roof Rat Removal Services

We help customers get rid of sources of food such as plants or trees of citrus, brush piles, garbage boxes, bulk or damaged food, bird seeds, and bird baths. 

Our experts will point out the entry holes of the rats, such as storage containers, water sources, citrus crops, water heaters, or sprinkler heads. 

The first order of business is to assist you in removing the current population of rats from your premises.

We suggest using bait traps rather than store-bought poison for this purpose. Poison is not only dangerous for your pets but can also cause problems, such as when a larger rat is poisoned and then returns to its nest to die. This can only be avoided by hiring a professional pest control service. You're then faced with the unpleasant task of retrieving a dead, decaying rat from a difficult-to-reach location.

Our rat traps are effective and leave no messes behind. Get in touch with our team at any time to hear about the methods we employ to get rid of rodents.

Rats on a wooden background

Get Rid Of Roof Rats Toronto Area

When the current infestation has been eliminated, pest control services can offer guidance on how to avoid a recurrence. Getting rid of the rats' primary needs, food, and shelter, is the first step. Call one of our top rat exterminators in Toronto for more information.

Weep holes and other entry points into your attic must be securely blocked if you want to get rid of a haven for pests. Keep your landscape tidy to prevent roof rats from using your bushes as a home.

It's even simpler to get rid of food: simply pick up any fallen fruit and ensure that you don't leave any garbage cans or other containers out in your yard. Keep garbage cans covered while not in use, and remove pet food from the can immediately after use.

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