Mice Removal Toronto Area

We will safely relocate all wildlife from your property to their natural habitat.

Mice Removal Service Toronto Area

Mice have different species, and these are available according to different species around the world. House mice or field mice are typically what we see in Toronto, Ontario.

The mice infestation is a variable factor that depends on the location of our customers. Mice are most likely to be detected in an open area, a barn, or a shed. These also can be the possible entry points of the mice.  

Mice Extermination Toronto Area

Mice are nocturnal creatures that are mostly active at night. You can identify them through sounds and slight movements behind the walls or on top of the ceilings, particularly at night. 

Our mice control services include complete property evaluation. In the process of this mouse removal inspection, our motive is to do mice control measures where our professionals can detect the harborage areas, feeding areas, and access points into homes and other areas.

Once the exact locations are detected, then our teams will recommend some effective plans for the customers. 

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Toronto Mouse Control Near Me

Our mice control treatments include a thorough cleanout regarding this mouse problem. Our professionals will also fix the traps in the access points during the process of inspection.

Our teams also check these traps and their functioning on a weekly basis. In some cases, mouse baits are also effective. These are monitored on a monthly basis if you choose our ongoing inspection package. 


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Toronto Mice Removal Services

Sanitization, in this case, is important. Mouse defecation can be a huge problem for owners. It can also lead to fatal diseases for humans. Our teams execute sanitizing gear while cleaning the access points and the locations they have frequently used for their pursuits.

Our most effective measures are Removing soiled insulation and replacing it with new TAP insulation with additional services like:

  • Steam cleaning procedure
  • Disinfecting strategies
  • Sanitizing measures
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house mouse

Get Rid Of Mice In Toronto Area

Mice are a source of total nuisance and diseases. In this case, it is essential to get rid of them as soon as possible. 

No matter your home or office, mice are always to create trouble. Our customers can rely on our services to make this happen in an impressive way.

Mouse Relocation Experts Toronto

The cost of removing the mice depends on some factors, such as

  • Whether you want just mice removal or also want prevention measures for future 
  • What is the size of your home or geographical region?
  • What are the types of mice or rodents?
  • What is the infestation scale?

Secret agent pest control & wildlife removal

Mice and rodents can cause huge damage to your home, such as they can chew wires, create holes, or eat other items in your home or in the office as well. 

That's why it is necessary to invest in the right company and service to remove mice from your property. It will also save the cost of requesting the wrong service again and again. 

We at Secret Pest Control provide effective mice removal services with preventive measures which will prevent the mice from coming again to your property. 

Contact us and get your free quote to rid your property of mice and rats. 


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