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At Secret Agent Pest Control and Wildlife Removal, we offer reliable, effective, and humane skunk removal, trapping, and control services in Ontario, Canada. If you have noticed a skunk or a family of skunks living on your property, we can offer services to remove them and even keep them out for good.


How It Works

We make skunks leave by blocking the entry points they use to enter your property. Most of the time, a wildlife control expert will physically remove the animal and return them to their natural habitat as well. In some cases, it is appropriate to install a one-way door.

This allows the animal, like a skunk or squirrel, to leave on their own without being able to come back in.

Skunk Removal Services

If you notice a skunk moving freely around your property, do not try to handle them on your own. Contact Secret Agent Pest Control and Wildlife Removal as soon as possible. Our team of wildlife control experts can handle any skunk problem. We will make your home safe and free from skunks and unwanted pets.

Skunk attracted to pet food

Smell-Free Skunk Removal


Call us today or fill out the form below for skunk removal and control services in the Greater Toronto Area. Don't mistake a family of skunks for a family of cats! Avoid any contact with them while waiting for the wildlife technicians to arrive. We know the warning signs of a skunk that is about to spray, so we can usually keep it from happening.


What To Do About Skunks


Skunks are not dangerous but can be harmful when threatened because they are very defensive animals. When in danger, they release a pungent skunk spray to deter preying wild animals and humans. This skunk smell can be very hard to remove from clothes, cats, dogs, sheds, porches, and so on. Skunks are a wildlife problem that will stick around for weeks after the actual skunk is gone.

They also have very tough front feet with sharp claws. These claws can tear into your skin leading to injuries and diseases, like rabies. Their teeth are sharp as well and if you aren't careful, you can easily be bitten.

Skunk outside of house

Skunk Spray

To avoid being bitten or sprayed, you can contact professional to help with removing skunks from your yard.

For people leaving in skunk-prone areas like Richmond hill and North York, employing effective preventive measures is advised. What attracts skunks to your property is the availability of food and water. If you cut off the food sources, yard skunks won't invade and you won't have to deal with smelling skunk spray.

Striped Skunk Related Issues

Striped skunks are a very docile skunk species that often lives in abandoned holes. Even with their shy nature, they must be handled with care.

Stripped skunk removal isn't easy therefore it is better to use skunk removal services rather than DIY. Professionals will handle the situation better. Instead of setting up live traps, more human-wildlife control measures of evicting skunks can be used. After the skunk removal, they can be released back into the wild in a safe and humane way.

Skunk Babies

Baby Skunk Removal


Skunk babies are very common pests and they are easier to handle compared to a mature skunks. All you need to remove them is a pair of rubber gloves and a carrier bag. As simple as it may sound, hiring a skunk removal company is advised because skunk babies need to be released into the wild and handled with caution.

After removing the babies, the used kitty litter should be disposed of to get rid of the smell and prevent other skunks from nesting in the same spot.

Skunk Control Methods


The only effective method to get rid of skunks is through live trapping and relocation, requiring special skills, experience, and licenses. Our experts at Secret Agent Pest Control and Wildlife Removal will first survey your property and create a custom plan to remove the skunk from the property. We also offer options to eliminate the smell and work with you to protect your property against future skunk encounters.

Trapped skunk on residential property

The Best Way to Get Rid of Skunks

Skunks do not respond to strobe lights, repellants, ammonia, mothballs, and other products you find at online stores. We have visited a number of homes where these methods have not been effective. There are no repellants that will deter skunks from living on any property.

Skunk Removal FAQs

A: Skunks don't have a specific nesting spot but prefer warm shallow burrows when it's warm and deeper burrows during the colder months. Most animals, including skunks, also love living near humans.

Most species of skunks like the porch skunk loves living in burrows they dig with their sharp claws. Yard skunks on the other hand do not mind residing in any empty barrow they come across. You can also find skunks nesting in dry wood piles, inside concrete slabs, porches, hollow trees, under rock piles, or even inside dry culverts.

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As a licensed and insured pest control and wildlife removal company, you can trust us to handle any pest or wildlife-related issue safely and effectively. Our insurance policy covers any damages that may occur during the removal process.


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Equipped to handle any pest problem or wildlife removal. Our team of expert exterminators and wildlife removal specialists is equipped with the latest and most advanced equipment available. Whether you have a rodent infestation or a raccoon problem, we can handle it. We use humane and effective methods to ensure that pests and wildlife are removed without harm.


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Emergency pest control and wildlife removal services We understand that pest and wildlife problems can happen at any time, which is why we offer 24/7 services. Whether you need emergency pest control in the middle of the night or wildlife removal on a weekend, we're always available to help.


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Competitive pricing for pest control and wildlife removal services We offer competitive rates for our services, so you can get the best value for your money. We also offer a variety of payment options to fit any budget. Don't let pests or wildlife take over your property - contact us today for a free quote. As Secret Agents, we'll work quietly and efficiently to get the job done.

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