Woodpecker Removal Toronto Area

We will safely relocate all wildlife from your property to their natural habitat.

Woodpecker Removal Services In Toronto

If you're tired of the sound of woodpeckers pecking away at your home, then it's time to call in the experts to take care of it. At Secret Agent Pest Control & Wildlife Removal, we specialize in woodpecker removal services that are sure to get rid of these unique birds in a humane way.

We understand that a noisy little visitor like a woodpecker can be more than just annoying - they can cause serious damage to your property. That's why our team is dedicated to providing the best humane wildlife removal service there is.

Woodpecker Relocation Toronto Area

Woodpeckers belong to the family of birds known as Picidae and are found throughout North America. Most species are protected by law due to their importance in our ecosystems.

However, these birds can be a nuisance when they build nests in your home or business building, damage structures, and siding, or create excessive noise. If you’re vexed by unwanted Woodpecker activity, then professional wildlife control services can offer a solution.

The experts at local wildlife control companies understand the habits of these animals and how best to manage them humanely. Woodpecker removal services involve not only removing the bird from your property but also assessing the damage it has caused, repairing any ruined areas, and reinforcing vulnerable spots to deter future infestations.

These experts also provide valuable educational information about how to make your buildings less attractive to woodpeckers in the future.

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Humane Wildlife Removal Services

In addition to providing humane removal solutions; local wildlife control companies have specializations in many different types of animal management including skunks, raccoons, squirrels, groundhogs, bats, and other rodents and birds that may call your property home.

By taking advantage of specialized remedies provided by professionals you can enjoy an increase in peace of mind knowing that there will be no collisions between humans and wildlife creatures on your property.


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Reasons To Remove Woodpeckers

Woodpeckers are protected under the Migratory Bird Treaty Act and special care should be taken when considering control or removal methods. If a woodpecker is causing damage to your property, there are several possible solutions that a wildlife removal professional can provide which include:

-Habitat modification: Changing the environment surrounding an infested area to make it less desirable for woodpeckers can be as easy as removing food and water sources, such as bird feeders, troughs, and bird baths. This simple task can help deter them from coming back.

-Exclusion methods: Depending on where the problem is, it might be possible to install a physical barrier around it – from bird netting or wire mesh -to exclude woodpeckers from the area they’ve been frequenting without interfering with existing landscaping.

-Biological controls: For exceptionally persistent woodpecker problems, a combination of habitat modification and exclusion measures may not be enough. In some cases, using sound deterrents like distress calls and strong smells has proven effective against certain species of woodpeckers when used according to local restrictions. If a wildlife removal specialist verifies that these types of deterrents can work in certain situations, they may be deployed with specialized equipment for maximum effect.

Woodpecker control and prevention will depend on many factors such as species type, available resources in their natural habitat, the extent of damage caused by them, etc., therefore it is highly recommended that professional help should be sought in order to prevent further damage to property while ensuring the safety of wildlife.

Professional Woodpecker Removal

Woodpeckers can cause a lot of damage to your home or property and if left untreated, the problem will likely become worse over time.

Professional woodpecker removal is one of the most effective ways to get rid of these problematic birds. A professional wildlife control company will have the tools and expertise necessary to safely and humanely remove woodpeckers from your home or business.

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Woodpecker Removal FAQs

Can woodpeckers cause damage?

Woodpeckers can cause extensive damage to both residences and businesses, drilling holes in a short period of time that can be extremely costly to repair. The most common types of woodpeckers found in North America include the pileated woodpecker, the red-headed woodpecker, and the downy woodpecker. Effective removal methods used by local wildlife control companies include bird netting, repellents, frightening devices, and exclusion barriers.


Who removes woodpeckers in Toronto? 

When choosing a local wildlife control company, take into account the type of wildlife in your area and the type of damage they can cause. It’s important to know who is qualified to remove which type of animal as some require special skills and techniques to ensure their safe removal. A good wildlife control company should be able to provide both trapping and removal services for a variety of pests, including woodpeckers.

Cost Of Woodpecker Removal Services

The cost of woodpecker removal services varies depending on the type of service, the severity of the infestation, and other factors. Generally, woodpecker control services may involve a one-time fee for an initial inspection and assessment of your property or a recurring fee based on the services needed.


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