Norway Rat Removal Toronto Area

We will safely relocate all wildlife from your property to their natural habitat.

Norway Rat Removal Service Toronto Area

Rats in Toronto are extremely perceptive creatures, but they get "on edge" if there is a shift in their routine. As a result, even for experts, rat management and elimination can be difficult.

The Norway rat is one of the largest species of rat found in this region. Despite the fact that Norway rats are capable of reproducing at any time of the year, the peak of the reproductive season is in the autumn, similar to mice and voles. Norway rats adapt to urban environments fairly well.

Norway Rat Relocation Toronto Area

Active largely at night, Norway rats are nocturnal. As a result, most homeowners don't realize they have a problem until the problem becomes more blatant. The normal habitat of Norway rats is a dark place, such as the attic or basement of a house. Signs of a Norway rat infestation include rodent feces and the presence of rat burrows or nests outdoors.

The rat exterminators at Service Pest Control have extensive training and expertise. We provide rat extermination services for any size infestation, whether it's in a single residence, a large hotel, a warehouse, or a shopping center. Rat extermination can be performed both indoors and outdoors using separate methods.

beautiful wild brown norway rat, rattus norvegicus

Toronto Norway Rat Control Near Me

Most businesses need rodent control services once each month, whereas residences only need them once every three months. If you want guaranteed rat control at the greatest price, we propose our annual plans.

There is no situation in which extermination would be preferable to control. The yearly plans we offer are backed by a year of service and free of additional fees for support.

After eradicating a rat infestation, we usually have to block up the area at ground level. The likelihood of rats or other pests reentering your home will decrease as a result.


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Toronto Norway Rat Removal Services

  • Commercial rat management and prevention, either as a recurring service or an occasional
  • Quarterly or as needed, we may provide rodent control and preventive services for your home.
  • Each of our packages comes with a free, no-questions-asked one-year warranty.
  • Quick, no-cost inspections are always guaranteed.
  • Exterminators who have passed state certification exams
  • Extermination of Rodents in Houses, Outbuildings, Gardens, and Attics
  • Use of secure bait stations to forestall pest problems
  • The eradication of Norway rats and roof rats
  • The best rat control in the city, serving all of the Toronto area
  • Closing all potential entryways
Brown rat, Rattus norvegicus, captive, by corn sack

Rat Extermination: What You Need To Know

  • Inspection: Rodent control requires a comprehensive inspection. The professional from Secret Pest Control will examine the property to locate the rats' points of entrance. A proper solution to the rodent problem requires knowledge of all possible points of entry and escape.
  • Exclusion: Keeping rodents at bay from the outside of a building is much simpler than doing it from the inside. Once the entryways have been located, they must be blocked off with screening. Any number of problems, from the simple to the complex, might arise over time, so it's important to keep an eye on this kind of maintenance. We have licensed professionals who have worked with rodents for years and have a deep understanding of their behavior, which is crucial for a successful exclusion.
  • Trapping: Once the rodents are sealed inside the building after all entry points have been closed off, trapping will be essential and will be far more successful.

Exterior Baiting: Assuming you've already taken measures to prevent rats from entering the building and removed any that have made their way inside, population control is your next best line of defense.

An efficient baiting campaign will decrease the number of rodents around the perimeter of the house, which will lessen the likelihood of a re-infestation. Even though rodents will always be a problem in the Toronto area, a good baiting program and regular inspections may keep your home free of these pests.

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