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We will safely relocate all wildlife from your property to their natural habitat.

Bat Removal Service Toronto Area

Invasion of bats in living or business places could be a tragic experience because of the health and other issues related to bats. When you notice one or more of these harmful species around your space, the best remedy is simply to get them removed by hiring a bat removal specialist to do this for you. 

This is because professionals understand bats' behaviour and how to effectively get them evacuated from an area.

Bat Relocation Toronto Area

  • Bats are not rodents but they are mammals that possess wings that allow them to fly.

  • Bat helps in pollination and insect control, therefore they are important to a natural environment/vegetation and not a home or living area.

  • Bats are most times found in caves and other natural environments but they however love to shelter in the attic of homes, walls, and buildings.

  • Bats found in the attic of homes could pose a serious health issue. Therefore, when you notice one, you should invite a professional to remove it.

  • They can live for up to 20 years.
Egyptian fruit bat or rousette, Rousettus aegyptiacus. on white background

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Below are signs that will show you there are bats within your space

Noise from attics 

When bats are around the attic region of the home, they would give some squeaking and scratching noise. This noise could indicate there are one or more bats around.

Strong unpleasant smell

Bats like other animals produce feces (guano) which are strong and acidic. Perceiving the smell of guano could mean there are bats in the building.

Entry and Exit of bats

You might also notice them wandering and roaming around at night.


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Toronto Bat Removal Services

Although it's been proven that bats can control insects, their presence at home can even be more disastrous because they could pose a serious health issues to humans, such as

  • Rabies: This disease is known to be associated with bat bites. A bite from an infected bat could transfer this disease from the bat to man or even animal. The resulting end of this is a serious illness or death if not taken care of.

Histoplasmosis: This is caused by feces from bats which develop into fungi particles.  This can result in inflammation of the lungs and other respiratory diseases.

Get Rid Of Bats In Toronto Area

No, you shouldn't try removing bats yourself. It will be quite difficult for you to do as this pest could squeeze itself into any other available corner of the house. 

You would also want to prevent yourself from bites because any bite from them could lead to injury and transfer of disease. 

Instead of going through this challenging process, you should seek help from us. We are experts in bat removal and we understand the tricks of bats.

Digital illustration of a horseshoe bat flying

Bat Relocation Experts Toronto

We understand the health problems that are associated with bats and we have been removing bats for decades using the most effective methods and schemes.

We not only help to remove bats or their colony, but we ensure that proper assessment is done on how they could have gained entry into your home. And advice and solutions are then given thereafter so the same occurrence does not happen again.

After the removal process, we take it upon ourselves to clear the guano left behind and disinfect the areas affected accordingly. Our services are topnotch and our prices are unbeatable. We are always ready to serve you and we are just a call away from you.

We are registered and licensed and we've been serving our people throughout Ontario and the neighbouring city for the past 20 years.

Bat FAQs

Should  I leave the bat in the attic? 

No, you shouldn't. Bats should be removed once they are noticed as they are dangerous to your health.


How much does it cost to remove bats? 

Removal of bat cost is dependent on the individual's need. You should feel free to call us for an estimate.


Does one bat in the attic mean more? 

Noticing one bat or two might not necessarily mean there are more. However, seeing multiple of them could mean there is a bat infestation.


Why do I have bats in my home? 

Bats like every other animal intrude into living homes for better shelter, food or water. They could have found a dark, quiet space in your home or food materials.

Secret agent pest control & wildlife removal

Seeking help from professional pest removers is the most effective and stress-free way to get rid of bats from the living area. We at Secret Agent Control and Wildlife Removal are always ready to help in getting rid of bats from homes and commercial places.


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