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Mites are very small, round, pill-shaped insects no longer than 0.1 – 6 mm. Unlike other pests like mice, mites are too small to be invisible to the naked eye making them hard to get rid of.

Their colour also varies but most are reddish brown or red and are popular for leaving red stains on bedding and clothes.

Mites can survive in almost any habitat, whether land or aquatic, and since most mites live on their hosts, they are easily carried to various places, making their infestation quite common.

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Ontario is endemic to numerous mite species including lover mites, house dust mites, bird mites, itch mites, scabies mites, cheese mites, grain mites, flour mites, and mould mites. 

Most mites find their way inside the houses in late summer or fall to avoid unfavourable conditions outside. They can re-appear as adults in February or March after over-wintering in the cracks and crevices of your house.

Most Mites do not cause any significant damage to the property, pets, or people however they do tend to leave red stains on carpets, bedding or clothes when smashed. Nonetheless, Mite infestation can be highly frustrating for homeowners and professional action is needed to get rid of their invasion.

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Mite Extermination FAQs

How do you stop mites from spreading?

The best way to top the mites from spreading is to regularly steam clean clothes, bedding, and carpets. Vacuuming, dusting, and keeping your pets clean are also effective in case of prevention. However, it is often late before a mite infestation can be noticed and in such cases, only professional exterminators with appropriate tools and treatments can do the job.

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