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Vole Removal Service Toronto Area

While pests are the nastiest creatures to live with, voles and rodents are beyond the category. They are mice-like creatures with shorter tails, rounded muzzles and heads, and small ears.

These clever creatures are known to escape through small holes and hide in closet places. Their presence itself can be extremely unpleasant. 

Once these sneaky little beasts host your house, everything from your health to furniture and carpentry is in danger.

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Vole Relocation Toronto Area

  • In case you don’t see a vole or rodent running around with your naked eye, you may look for the following signs:

    •   Visible Holes in the furniture, wardrobes, or any other wooden  equipment

    •   Grassless depression, curving or bending around your yard that is about two inches wide

    •   Damage to your trees and Shrubs

    •   Small piles of brownish droppings (feces) and short pieces of grass along the runways

    If you come across these signs quite frequently you may want professional help because your home might be exposed to these sneaky beasts.

Vield vole (Microtus agrestis) kept in hand by researcher

Toronto Vole Control Near Me

People tend to try a variety of ways to stop and get rid of vole infestation around the house. Vole infestation is a huge headache that must be handled at the earliest before it gets impossible to track down.

Here are some of the measures that you can take to prevent vole infestation around your habitat:

  •   Remove dense ground cover, and keep the lawn mowed
  •   Keep light around trees and Shrubs
  •   Protect Young Trees since voles like to gnaw on their trunks. Wrap the lower part of the young trees with wire mesh or plastic tubing to prevent vole infestation
  • Use live traps to catch the voles as many as you can and remove them as far as possible


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Toronto Vole Removal Services

There is no harm in trying out the above-mentioned hacks to get rid of vole infestation. However, the likelihood of complete success is futile.

It is always better to get professional help for the matter. Secret Agent Pet Control & Wildlife Removal is always ready to come and save the day for you.

Our dedicated team of hard worker exterminators is ready to get at these voles with expert skills, efficient tools, and apt knowledge.

We are known to provide professional, efficient, and quality services at an affordable range to serve you the best.

With us, you might get several benefits including:

  •   Most Affordable and lowest-cost services
  •   Registered, Licensed, and Insured Professional Services
  •   100% Customer Satisfaction and Guaranteed work
  •   We also ensure to take safety precautions and measures to prevent any kind of damage to your property, belongings, pets, or children.


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Vole Removal Toronto area

Vole Extermination FAQs

How long does it take to kill voles?

Vole poisons are typically designed to kill voles upon ingestion and will kill them within 12-24 hours of consumption.

What Attract Voles to your property?

The most common attraction for voles is vegetation and greenery. They often favour the properties with moist areas or those that are near lakes, swamps, or other water sources.

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