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We will safely relocate all wildlife from your property to their natural habitat.

Mole Removal Service Toronto Area

Wildlife inspection

Our motive is to find out the main entry points of the type of wildlife invading your premises. We can also detect what type of wild animals are trespassing so that we can suggest a viable plan to keep them at bay. 

Wildlife exclusion

Our exclusion team uses different traps and baits along with other tools to grab the animals. Not only this, patching, sealing, and securing your premises is important to keep wildlife out.


We will conduct a re-inspection if your plan is still working. Our teams will identify the possible entry points and also will seal shut the former entry points if they have been unleashed or damaged with the passage of time. 

Mole Relocation Toronto Area

Moles are cute, but they aren't the most friendly. Moles use sharp nails and strong limbs to dig into the ground and can make a whole tunnel out of it. They are similar to rodents but have a few differences. Mostly moles grow to 6-7 inches in general. 

Moles are fast at digging the ground. It causes dirt and soil to come to the surface. Making your lawns and house's exterior untidy and a complete mess. The surface of the lawn becomes uneven. Plus, it also gives rise to wild plants and influences other plants and vegetation in a negative way.

Mole popping its' head out of the ground

Toronto Mole Control Near Me

There are many techniques to nab the moles. But some of the fail-proof ways are to use spring-loaded prongs or choker-loop traps where the tunnels are present. When a mole comes in contact with the trap, it will quickly get activated to grab the mole. 

There are different designs of traps available. However, to not risk anything, it is important to consult professionals in this field. Other ways, like DIY solutions like chemicals, poisons, and online home remedies, do not work satisfactorily. These might work on a temporary basis but don't last long. 

How To Get Rid Of Moles Toronto

When are moles active?

Moles are always active since they don't like to hibernate. They feed on the insects in the tunnels and might find other ways to dig more tunnels. This shows that moles are among the hyperactive animals. But climatic changes like wet and bitterly cold weather don't let moles actively do their job of burrowing the grounds. 

How can I get rid of moles?

Moles could get irremovable from your lawn if you leave them unchecked or uncontrolled. It is not a good choice to rely on DIY methods and wait for the results. If you begin with stranger chemicals, these can prove to be hazardous to your family and pets. 


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Get Rid Of Moles In Toronto Area

In the winter, moles take shelter in the form of tunnels that are somewhat warmer than the external temperature. So our job would be to locate them and close their points to enter and invade your lawn and vegetation. Call our friendly wildlife removal team for a free consultation.

The European mole on a white background, separately

Professional Mole Removal Toronto

We are the expert mole grabbers. Our customers only need to leave this mole problem to our professional teams. Our experts will let you know about the enticing locations in your lawn for the moles to invade it. Our grabbing equipment is unique and tech-based, which accelerates the process for our clients. 

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