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We will safely relocate all wildlife from your property to their natural habitat.

Starling Removal Services In Toronto

Black or white starlings nest on your property due to the presence of insects and larvae on your lawn. The problem can grow bigger due to the accumulation of more insects that they feed on.

Starlings will find a new place to build their nests until they are somewhere with an adequate supply of food. Starlings can begin to damage your premises if they settle down on your lawn and the areas around it.

The starlings can damage your roof and your car. Plus, their feces are a big source of diseases and health conditions for the owners as they contain viruses. 

Starling Relocation Toronto Area

Some of our customers are unable to identify the type of starlings they are struggling with. The typical starlings are not difficult to identify, though. It is a shiny creature with black plumage and has a green sheen.

It has a short tail, and its wings are triangular to appear. The legs are pinkish brown, while the black beak when it's not mating. However, for the mating starlings, their beaks are yellow. They stay in big flocks, which are quite visible to identify. 

starling removal toronto area

Toronto Starling Control Near Me

Some people might not have faced big groups of starlings in gardens eating worms, ant colonies, and other bugs. There are almost five thousand to ten thousand starlings in a single group. These fly at night when there is less chance of any sight.

The main dangerous predators that starlings are scared of are turkey vultures. Many losses in the starling population occur, but they breed at a rapid pace, so it balances out everything for the population. North America alone houses almost 200 million starlings.

They need to have a chance to settle in the fields and lawns. They have the tendency to destroy orchards and feeds. Their feces are completely harmful since they carry viruses that influence sources in a negative way.


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Starling Removal Services

The loud noises of the starling flock act as the main identifier of their presence. These birds don't stay quiet, and this is how you can also detect them around your premises. 

Below are some common and effective ways to keep the starlings away: 

  • Remove bird feeders if you have any 
  • Dump the human food completely
  • Conceal all the holes in your roofs and sheds 
  • Fix metal meshes when there are wider holes that can help in the invasion

Our professionals are well-certified to block all the holes and also fix the required metallic meshes where needed so that you can leave this starling problem on our teams for safer and effective starling removal within affordable service charges and in a less hectic way.

Our starling wildlife control services offer different options to help rid birds from your yard or property.

Get Rid Of Starlings In Toronto Area

You need to know that it is important to get free of problems in time to avoid further complications that might become irreversible in the future. In this case, our specialists are important to consider. 

Our teams immediately respond back when they receive a call. Our professionals address the starling removal strategy by using barriers or deterrents. We also have additional gear such as nets, spikes, wires, and deterrents to ensure the permanent removal of starlings.

Rear view of a Common Starling, Sturnus vulgaris, isolated on white

Quick Starling Removal In Toronto

We can also cater to the starling nests since they can live up to 5 years and more while their eggs get hatched, which increases the population. The hatching normally occurs in the spring. 

So, what are you waiting for? Go and visit our website (Secret Pest Control) and contact our professionals to get a free quote and consultation.

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