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Our team members are friendly, capable, licensed contractors dedicated to helping homeowners regain control of their homes safely. We use up-to-date technologies like heat and vapor barriers which allow us to locate even the most pesky pests without any disruption or damage done within your property.

When signs point towards rodents or other small animals living inside walls or ceilings, we can quickly and accurately locate them with thermal heat imaging technology so that trapping is efficient.

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We cannot overstate how important it is not to try any kind of DIY pest control especially when it comes to dealing with larger animals like raccoons, skunks, or foxes — these types of pests should always be handled by an expert.

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It is important to take steps to prevent future pest and wildlife infestations. Here are some tips to help you reduce the chances of now, or future, pest and wildlife infestations in and around Newcastle, Ontario:

-Inspect and seal openings in the building’s exterior walls, roof, and foundation regularly. Close any nighttime gaps that can allow entry by wild animals or pests.

-Maintain a clean surrounding environment and keep vegetation from growing too close to your building. Be sure to trim back plants and shrubbery near window sills as these can attract pests like rodents.

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Store food properly in sealed containers with tight lids kept off countertops and floors. Discard all garbage regularly and away from the home. All food sources need to be eliminated as much as possible - trash cans, compost piles, pet dishes, or bird feeders all attract unwanted guests.

With precautionary measures taken and regular maintenance of your building’s insulation, ventilation systems, windows screens, doors, and screened vents it may reduce the risk of a pest or wildlife issue later on. If you experience an issue with pests or wildlife contact Secret Agent Pest Control right away for professional assistance.

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