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Moths are more than just a minor inconvenience.

They closely resemble butterflies but unlike the latter, they are considered pesky pests because they can easily infest countless areas of your home.

Once they find their way inside the house they can infest multiple places. The most common egg-laying places include:

  •   Cupboards and wardrobes
  •   Under the bed
  •   Unused spaces and rooms

It may come as a shock to know that Ontario alone is endemic to almost 3,300 species of Moths, the most common of which are:

  •   Polyphemus Moth
  •   Imperial Moth
  •   Hummingbird Clearwing
  •   Five-spotted hawk moth
  •   Isabella tiger moth
  •   Gypsy Moths

Moth Exterminators Toronto

The following signs indicate that your house is under moth infestation and you might need professional moth control services to get rid of them.

  •   Holes in clothes and various fabrics
  •   Shedding of furs
  •   Silky furrows, tunnels, or trenches found on wool clothing and fabrics
  •   Larvae casing stuck in fabrics
  •   Crusty deposits on various surfaces and rugs
  •   Cream-coloured moths crawling on surfaces

Having a moth infestation can be extremely frustrating as it can cause some serious damage.


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Moths do not pose a serious health risk but they can severely damage your clothes, carpets, sofas, rugs and so much more with their larvae and egg-laying.

The harms caused by moths include:

  •   Damage to food items in pantries and kitchen
  •   Damage to furniture and upholstery
  •   Damage to clothes, fabric, and linens
  •   Allergies in some people

·   Leaving disgusting larvae on various surfaces.

How To Get Rid Of Moths Toronto

It’s natural to think of ways to get rid of a moth problem by yourself and there are many proven ways to control pest invasion to some extent.

The following measures can help keep a check on moth invasion if the problem is not widespread:

  •   Using a fly screen or keeping the curtains drawn at night
  •   Maintaining clothes hygiene
  •   Vacuuming regularly, especially under the furniture
  •   Using moth traps

However, if the moth problem is too severe and the damage to your belongings is taking a toll on your nerves, we highly recommend considering professional exterminators to get the job done effectively.


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Get Rid Of Moths In Toronto Area

At Secret Agent Pet Control & Wildlife Removal, we have a dedicated team of specialists to eliminate any kind of moth problem in your home.

Professional, efficient and quality services are what we strive for and we work till our customer is fully satisfied.

Our range of services includes and is not limited to:

  •   Targeted Insecticides following proper precautionary measures
  •   Fumigation methods
  •   Chemical-free heat treatments

We take pride in declaring that all our services are highly safe for your property, furniture, and belongings as well as any pets.

Moth, Brudnice (Lymantria dispar), female

Professional Moth Extermination Toronto

With us, you have the following advantages:

  • Most Affordable, Lowest Moth Control Services in all Ontario cities
  • Registered, Licensed, and Insured Professional Services
  • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee to eliminate all larvae and Adult Moths
  • Variety of Certified, Safe, and Successful Moth Removal and Control Services to Choose From
  • Expert advice and Recommendations by our specialist on how to follow up after the treatment
  • Special Precautions and Safety measures are taken to prevent any kind of damage to the property, personal belongings, pets, and children.

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If you are someone struggling with recurring moth invasions, we are just a call away to schedule a visit, offer a quote, and provide our affordable, effective, and fast services in all cities in Ontario, Canada.

To make it even more convenient for you, we are offering $50 off on any pest removal service for a short period. All you have to do is use the code, “Secret Agent 50” while scheduling.

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Mosquito Control FAQs

When should I call for a professional moth control service?

If you frequently see moths flying around inside your house and find tiny white eggs or C-shaped larvae attached to different surfaces, it’s your cue to call for professional pest control help.


How long does it take for a moth control treatment to work?

It usually depends on the type of treatment opted for and the severity of the problem. While the treatment starts to show results instantly, it may take up to 6 weeks for your house to be completely free of all eggs and larvae.

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