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What makes us different than other pest control companies in the GTA is that we prioritize your privacy. Our pest control company is called Secret Agent Pest Control & Wildlife Removal for a reason: we will be in and out without any of your neighbours knowing we were there for cockroach fumigation!

Our team will effectively handle all issues related to cockroaches while remaining discreet. From our vehicles to our uniforms, we keep our cockroach service a secret.

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Cockroach Infestation Control Toronto

Call Secret Agent Pest Control today for all of your cockroach problems at (647) 578-9354 to prevent cockroaches from taking over your space again. We provide excellent service to all customers in the Greater Toronto Area dealing with cockroaches.

We also offer professional services for customers dealing with other pests at the same time, like the oh-so-common rodent problem.

Cockroaches are on the toothbrush in the bathroom, and cockroaches also carry the germs to humans in the home should be equipped with a cockroach protection system.

Best Cockroach Control Toronto Area

Cockroaches are difficult to deal with once they become an infestation. Typically, it takes 2-3 cockroach fumigation treatments to completely get rid of cockroaches. Cockroaches are known for being persistent pests and carriers of human diseases, so it's important to find a cockroach exterminator as quickly as possible if you suspect you have a cockroach infestation in your house.

It isn't worth waiting because cockroaches will never go away without a cockroach fumigation service. Even without adequate food, this pest problem will thrive and continue to be a health hazard.

The problem in the house because of cockroaches living in the kitchen.Cockroach eating whole wheat bread on white background(Isolated background).

We're Different Than Other Pest Control Companies

There is only one reason to hire an exterminator for cockroaches: you have seen these light brown-banded cockroaches more than once. When it comes to choosing excellent service from a local pest control company, there are a few more things to consider.

Our professional service exterminators are licensed and experienced when dealing with cockroaches. We are a discreet cockroach pest control company and we guarantee we will get rid of cockroaches as quickly as possible.

Cockroach Exterminator Secret Agent Pest Control

Yes, It's a German Cockroach.

Cockroaches are reddish brown small pests and crawl around in your kitchen and bathroom. The backs of cockroaches can be light brown banded. To be honest, they are disgusting to look at. A brown-banded cockroach is also known as a German cockroach and can look the same as American cockroaches. This is the most common cockroach species in the GTA.

It doesn't matter where a cockroach originates because they are all attracted to the same thing: dirty dishes, leftover food, and a dark damp area to lay eggs. As gross as the cockroach species can be, they know how to survive for a long time. This is why you need a professional pest control specialist to identify cockroaches and exterminate cockroaches for good.

An adult cockroach and cockroach eggs will be gone once the fumigation spray process is complete. The poison will kill cockroaches and the eggs, stopping the cockroach population from multiplying further.

Say Goodbye To Cockroaches Forever

Even without food or water, the German cockroach can survive for weeks and will lay hundreds of eggs during that time. By the time you have seen a German cockroach in your home or business, you should know that you have a cockroach infestation. Cockroach infestations are not something you can deal with on your own.

Professional cockroach exterminators are your only chance at getting rid of the cockroach infestation once and for all. Unfortunately, cockroach traps and sticky traps just don't work with cockroach populations.

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Once you have seen a reddish brown cockroach or brown-banded insect that resembles a cockroach, you can be sure there are plenty more cockroaches where that one came from. The German cockroach or American cockroaches multiply quickly in human environments because there is so much food for the cockroach to consume. If you're dealing with a cockroach problem, call us today at (647) 578-9354 for a free estimate.

We will keep your residential and commercial space cockroach-free, guaranteed. Don't live with a cockroach infestation any longer than you have to. Our cockroach control process is easy and starts with a simple phone call for a free estimate.

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Cockroach Extermination Services

Allergic reactions to cockroaches and food poisoning are common health hazards related to a cockroach infestation. Cockroaches are attracted to food and damp areas. German cockroaches are very dirty, so if they get into your food supply (human food or pet food) cockroaches will cause food poisoning once the food is consumed.

Cockroaches are known to carry diseases since they travel through the sewage system. It's not worth the risk. Call one of our cockroach extermination experts at (647) 578-9354 for a free estimate on your cockroach fumigation. There's no point dealing with a cockroach infestation any longer when you have access to the best pest control Toronto has to offer. Cockroach infestations will only get worse with time, so it's important to schedule cockroach determination services as soon as possible.

Our Pest Control Process

We always start by identifying what kind of insect you're dealing with before setting out an extermination plan. Some questions we might ask you include: How quickly do they move? Do they fly? How big are they? Are there many different kinds present at one time (indicating an infestation)?

Once it is clear you are dealing with a cockroach problem, we will schedule a time that works with your schedule to do the cockroach fumigation spray process. Please note that you will need to be out of the house for up to 6 hours before returning since the cockroach fumigation spray will be toxic during this time. Once it is settled, the cockroach treatment is only toxic to the cockroach that consumes it.


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Avoid Future Infestations With a Thorough Inspection

Cockroaches can slip through the tiniest gaps in a home's exterior or interior. To make sure cockroaches don't have an easy way inside, we will identify and seal all potential entrances with caulking or other sealants. If you don't seal them properly, cockroaches may use the cracks to enter your home and cause an infestation once again.

Food Attracts Cockroaches: How To Avoid Health Hazards

It is important to thoroughly clean your house and make sure that there are no food crumbs or debris on the floors. Cockroaches love to eat, so they will be attracted to any food left out in the open. Here are some ways you can sanitize and clean your home to avoid health hazards from cockroaches being present:

  • Wash dishes, pots, and pans in hot soapy water with a little bleach added in. This will help kill any bacteria on them that would otherwise attract cockroaches.
  • Clean the kitchen floor by mopping it with a solution of one part vinegar mixed with three parts water (the vinegar kills germs). Mopping will also get rid of any food particles or other debris on the floor that are attractive to cockroaches.
  • Empty all food containers such as bags of chips; boxes of cereal; cans of soup; cookies; etc., then wash them out before putting them back into cabinets where cockroaches could find their way inside those containers later on!
  • Disinfect both kitchen counters top-to-bottom as well as underneath appliances like microwaves and the fridge. This is where we commonly see cockroaches making a nest. The last thing you want to see when you open your microwave is reddish brown cockroaches crawling out of it!

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If your home is infested with cockroaches, you need to call a professional cockroach exterminator right away. Cockroaches can spread diseases to humans and pets, so it's important not to let the problem get out of hand. In general, don't let any pest control issues get out of hand! Contact a local exterminator today to say goodbye to gross cockroaches forever.

All estimates include inspection, identification of the cockroaches and entry points, cockroach fumigation, and education on how to keep the cockroaches from coming back in the future. Our pest control for cockroaches is guaranteed.

About Secret Agent Pest Control

At Secret Agent Pest Control & Wildlife Removal, we make cockroach control easy. Our friendly and knowledgeable cockroach exterminators will listen to your concerns, inspect your property for cockroaches, and provide you with a free estimate for cockroach extermination service. We are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for emergency cockroach fumigation of any kind of cockroach.

We are licensed in Ontario to perform cockroach control services on both commercial and residential properties. For your peace of mind, we also carry general liability insurance coverage at no additional cost to our customers.

We Have The Solution To Your Cockroach Problem

There are more than 4,000 species of cockroaches in the world, but only four types of cockroaches commonly infest homes in the Greater Toronto Area. The most common cockroach pest is the German cockroach. The next most common is the American cockroach (we don't have a Canadian cockroach!), followed by oriental cockroaches and brown-banded cockroaches.

Whether you're dealing with American cockroaches or a brown-banded cockroach doesn't matter when it comes to pest control. The cockroach fumigation process is exactly the same. Just remember, if you see cockroaches it means you have an infestation and you need to call a cockroach exterminator immediately.


If this is your first service with Secret Agent Pest Control & Wildlife Removal, you will receive $50 off your cockroach fumigation!


The cost of a cockroach exterminator is dependent on your location and the size of your house. The average cost for an exterminator to visit your home is between $250–$800.

If you have an infestation, you may want to consider hiring a professional pest control company or company that specializes in roach extermination, like Secret Agent Pest Control & Wildlife Removal.


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