Opossum Removal Toronto Area

We will safely relocate all wildlife from your property to their natural habitat.

Opossum Removal Service Toronto Area

Secret Pest Control & Wildlife Removal Service is famous for effective opossum removal. Our techniques are not aggressive on these creatures. We help you get rid of them in a harmful way. Schedule a meeting to have a free consultation. 

Opossums can be a huge disturbance in your routine activities. These can get aggressive and might also stare at you at any time of the day. It can frighten you if you are home alone. In this case, to save you from this situation, our #1 pest control company in Toronto is here to help you to get rid of this creature from your premises. 

Opossum Relocation Toronto Area

Opossums are always in need of an opportunity. They can take shelter through your lawn or attic. They can do certain things like enjoying sitting under your shed, disrupting your garden and vegetation, eating up your pet's food, and can also create a big mess by ripping apart garbage bags.

These are smelly and untidy animals. A big source of parasitic infections. They don't attack unless they are triggered. The best option for you is to contact a wildlife removal company for further assistance. 

A large Virginai opossum bedded down in leaves and showing its teeth

Toronto Opossum Control Near Me

Opossums are more active at night since they are nocturnal. They feed on different things such as insects, mammals, grass, or other animals. Things get complicated when opossums are stuck somewhere and cannot find their way out.

These are not a threat unless the opossums are disturbed. Their bites are not a source of rabies for the people. However, these can still spread parasitic diseases caused by fleas and ticks (and it will hurt).

You must not resist their entrance on your own since they can get extremely angry and might also attack you. In this case, you need profound professional consultation from wildlife-catching departments or agencies. 


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Toronto Opossum Removal Services

Opossums love a murky and warm place to hibernate or settle. This could be anywhere, like under a deck, in an attic, or somewhere else. These do not dwell on a destructive nature like raccoons and follow a single entry point every time they have to invade your premises.

When we get a complaint like this, our first job is to conduct a complete inspection of the premises to locate and identify the visible entry points. 

Look for signs of:

  • Disturbance with garbage bags
  • Long nail scratches on the walls and doors
  • Nasty smell
  • Any sign of the presence
  • Pet food getting vanished
opossum removal toronto

Opossum Removal Near Me

There is no such approved or viable repellent being marketed or produced for opossum removal. Some of the remedies available, like mothball-based or urine-based repellents, are not effective at all. High-frequency noise-making devices are banned by the given instructions from FTC. There is no rapid and effective solution for opossum removal unless you seek professional help.

Secret agent pest control & wildlife removal

Our job at Secret Pest Control is to support our customers when they deal with an unexpected problem like this one. We can deal with residential and commercial clients in terms of wildlife removal in an impressive way. 

Our professionals are always prepared to cope with all wildlife-related problems and make the premises of our clients secure from such nuisances. 


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