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We will safely relocate all wildlife from your property to their natural habitat.

Raccoon Removal Service Toronto Area

If you're looking for a raccoon removal service in Ontario, Canada, you're at the right place.

Secret Agent Pest Control and Wildlife Removal is a leading provider of Raccoon Removal Services in Ontario, Canada, offering comprehensive, effective, and economical pest control and wildlife removal services to residential and commercial clients.

Whether you suspect raccoons have invaded your attic or other areas of your property or are sure about their presence in your home, it's essential to take timely measures and this is where Secret Agent Pest Control and Wildlife Removal comes in.

Raccoon Relocation Toronto Area

With years of experience in offering Raccoon Removal Services to clients across Ontario, Canada, trust us to offer professional and reliable services.

Get in touch with us for a free consultation, or request a free quote today! Typically, raccoons infiltrate through your property's chimney or attic.

No matter how they have intruded on your space, it's important to hire professional Raccoon Removal Services to remedy the problem before it worsens.

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These are a few reasons why getting raccoons removed from your property is important –

  •   Raccoons pose a serious health hazard for you and your family.
  •   Raccoons are parasite carriers, e.g., roundworms.
  •   Raccoon excretion may carry parasites, causing infections and illness in other animals and humans.
  •   In Ontario, raccoons are major carriers of rabies.
  •   If the raccoon infestation is not remedied timely, it can cause structural issues to your property.
  •   Bites from raccoons carrying rabies can cause serious health complications.

If you notice or suspect raccoons in your home anywhere across Ontario, Canada, get in touch with Secret Agent Pest Control and Wildlife Removal today.

Don't try to remove a raccoon from your property yourself, as it can backfire, resulting in you getting bitten, which could've been avoided. Even though raccoons aren't as dangerous as bears, you still have to be careful when you are around them.

Call us for a free consultation or request a free quote today, and we'll take it from there.


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How To Get Rid Of Raccoons Toronto

Raccoons, like any other wildlife, rodents, or pests, would leave their trails to help you identify their presence in your space.

Let us look into the signs of raccoon infestation on your property...


Raccoon Tracks

The easiest way to determine the presence of raccoons on your property is by finding raccoon tracks. The raccoon tracks closely resemble human hands but are much smaller, measuring around 4 inches or less.

You will notice signs of claws at the end of their fingers. Look for raccoon tracks near trees, garbage cans, roofs, and building foundations.


Raccoon Feces

The feces of raccoons are easily identifiable as they're dark with blunt ends and tubular shapes. If you notice such droppings in your attic, around the chimney, or in gutters, it's clear evidence that raccoons are present in and around your property.



If you notice peculiar raccoon sounds in your home or commercial property, which can range from high-pitched squeals to whimpering and quite growling.

They would also make scattered sounds while looking for food or nesting in your attic or any other secluded area on your property.


Notice Scratches

If you notice scratches on your porch, sheds, and other areas on your property, it might be a sign of the presence of a raccoon. You will also notice a distinct smell or the presence of distinguishable hairs around these marks.

These are the few signs of the presence of raccoons on your property. Timely solutions by professional raccoon removal experts would help you get rid of raccoons. It helps protect your property's structural integrity while safeguarding you from any health hazards.

At Secret Agent Pest Control and Wildlife Removal, we offer effective Raccoon Removal Services using time-tested techniques. If you notice any of these signs on your property, get in touch with us today for professional Raccoon Removal Services.

Get Rid Of Raccoons In Toronto Area

There are many ways to remove raccoons from your property, including installing a one-way door system.

Any other entry points on the property would be sealed to ensure raccoons do not enter. At Secret Agent Pest Control and Wildlife Removal, we often use the method of trapping and exclusion in severe cases when raccoons are creating a nuisance on your property.

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Professional Racoon Removal Toronto

Can I Be Attacked by Raccoons?

Usually, raccoons won't attack humans, but they might if they feel threatened or if they feel their babies can be attacked. Sometimes, a sick raccoon may also attack if you get too close to them.

At Secret Agent Pest Control and Wildlife Removal, we recommend you call us and let us deal with the issue professionally.

How Can I Keep Raccoons Away?

The best way is to keep entry points sealed, and garbage cans well-contained or placed far away and inaccessible to raccoons. There are also various products that help keep raccoons at bay.

The best way is to hire Raccoon Removal experts at Secret Agent Pest Control and Wildlife Removal to get professional Raccoon Removal Services you can rely on.

if a raccoon has entered your property and created a nuisance, we provide emergency Raccoon Removal Services to help you get rid of a raccoon on short notice.

Secret agent pest control & wildlife removal

Raccoon infestation is a common occurrence in most provinces of Canada.

If you suspect the presence of raccoons on your property, trust Secret Agent Pest & Wildlife Control to deliver professional, reliable, and efficient services you can count on.

We have an experienced team of fully certified, licensed, and insured technicians helping you with removing raccoons off your property.

Our experts would visit your property, closely inspect every affected area and define a customized roadmap to remove raccoons from your property.

For more information about our Raccoons Removal Services or to get a free quote, give us a call today!


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