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Pest Control Stouffville, Ontario

Our customer service representatives at Secret Agent Pest Control Stouffville will answer the phone at any time during our business hours to provide you with a free quote for pest control and wildlife service. Our main office is located in North York, however, we service the Greater Toronto Area. If you are looking for Pest Control in Stouffville, Ontario, you're in luck! Call us today for a free quote on pest control services in Stouffville.

#1 Pest Control Stouffville Ontario

Keep your office or house completely free of pests by hiring the best pest control company in Stouffville, Ontario.

Secret Agent Pest Control in Stouffville provides a full inspection and assessment of your property to determine how the pests are entering in the first place. One of our pest management experts will then devise a plan that covers both the short-term and long-term needs of the client’s property.

Residential & Commercial Pest Control Stouffville

Our commercial pest control services can't be beaten! If you are dealing with ongoing pest challenges and pest infestations, Secret Agent Pest Control Stouffville is here to help. We offer discreet commercial pest control solutions in Stouffville, ON, and nearby neighbourhoods.

Wildlife Removal Stouffville, Ontario

We offer humane wildlife removal for your unique pest control needs in Stouffville, ON. Dealing with a squirrel in your attic? No problem! Our wildlife control team will be on the way as soon as you call.

Our humane removal professionals provide professional advice on how best to tackle wildlife problems as well as offer preventative measures for future issues. This is how we can guarantee sustainable results.

Pests can cause serious damage to your home or possessions as well as spread diseases that could affect your health so it is advisable to hire an experienced exterminator who understands these risks before taking action yourself. Whether it's a raccoon or rats, call Secret Agent Pest Control Stouffville today for immediate help.

Proactive Pest Control Services: Inspection

Are you in need of pest control for bed bugs? Secret Agent offers bed bug inspection in Stouffville, Ontario. Call us today for a free quote on all services related to pests in Stouffville, Ontario. Our extermination services are only toxic to pests. They will not harm people or pets, but we do recommend staying out of the house for about 4 hours after the area has been sprayed.

Stop Gypsy Moths in Stouffville

Take a proactive approach to the dreaded gypsy moth problem this year by getting your trees sprayed at the beginning of the season instead of waiting for the moths to multiply. This is recommended for all homes with broad-leaved trees. This is also recommended for rich farmland with ample green countryside. Rest assured, you can protect ecologically sensitive oak ridges without them being poisoned by gypsy moth treatments.

Types Of Rodents We Remove

Do you have any of these rodents in your house or around your property? If you are dealing with a rodent infestation, call us today at 647-578-9354.


Find rat control in the Toronto Area.


Find vole control in the Toronto Area.

Roof Rats

Find roof rat control in the Toronto Area.

Norway Rats

Find Norway rat control in the Toronto Area.


Find mouse control in the Toronto Area.

Find Solution To Existing Pest Problem

Are looking for a pest control company in Stouffville, ON? We offered a unique combination of pest control and humane wildlife removal to all residents and businesses in Stouffville. Our business hours are flexible, so we can always work with your schedule when it comes to booking the extermination services for pests.

Our exterminators have years of experience in the industry and can help you protect your home from any unwanted pests or insects. We offer proactive pest control inspections so that you know what needs to be done in order to keep these pests away from your property.

Our goal is for you to enjoy your suburban living and genuine country living experience without fear of running into a family of rats.


Stouffville Pest Control FAQs

Pest exterminators charge for their services based on a few factors: type of pest or wildlife, size of the property, and amount of treatments required to completely get rid of the problem. Cockroach and bed bugs control tend to be the most expensive because when the infestations are bad, it can take up to 3 treatments.

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Timber Creek Mini Golf & Fun Centre is the perfect place to have a fun day out with family and friends! We've got something for everyone, with a mini golf course, laser tag, and arcade games.

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Looking for an adventure in the treetops? Treetop Trekking Stouffville is your answer! We offer a variety of aerial courses and zip lines for all ages and abilities, so you can enjoy an exhilarating day out in nature.

Willow Springs Winery

We grow our own grapes and make small-batch wines that reflect the unique character of our vineyard. Our goal is to produce high-quality wines that wine lovers of all levels of experience can enjoy.

Eldred King Woodlands

The Eldred King Woodlands is a beautiful and unique place to visit. It is home to many different species of trees and plants and is a great place to hike and explore.

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Ballantrae Golf Club is a top-rated course in the area and has been since it opened in 1992. The course is located close to Stouffville, Ontario and is a great place to play a round of golf.

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Gallucci Winery is a family-owned business making wine for four generations. The winery is located in the heart of Napa Valley and produces various red and white wines.