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We will safely remove all wildlife from your property.

Dead Animal Removal Toronto Area

Secret Agent Pest Control and Wildlife offer dead animal removal services for homes and businesses in Ontario, Canada.

If you’ve found a dead animal in your attic, stuck in walls, or below the deck, give us a call today.

With over 20 years of experience in offering pest control and wildlife removal services in Ontario, we have standard processes in place to offer professional, accurate, and effective services you can trust.

Our dead animal removal experts are trained and equipped with various tools, cameras, and other equipment to locate and remove dead animals with no damage to your property.

Dead Animal Services Toronto Area

If certain animals live on your property – in the walls or attics and you do not get rid of them- they will likely end up dying.

Once they die, they start to decompose. It is the time when you can expect the awful smell as soon as after two days. The strength of the dead animal smell depends on the following factors:

  •   Larger animals produce a noxious smell that can linger for months.
  •   Inside a closed wall is much worse than a ventilated roof space.
  •   Temperature and humidity inside the property.

In many cases, the smell of the dead animal is so bad that property owners need to move out rather than continue living with the smell.

Macro view of a dead bird on floor

Toronto Dead Animal Removal Near Me

Apart from the foul odor, the presence of dead animals poses a health hazard to anyone in the vicinity. This is because dead animals can carry and transmit various deadly diseases, causing serious health complications.

At Secret Agent Pest Control, we don’t only dispose of the carcass for you but also fully clean and sanitize the affected area. This ensures that the place is free from unseen bacteria and parasites posing a health risk to you and your family.

We leave the space clean, sanitized, and hygienic for safe habitation.

Our wildlife removal services are humane, safe, and transparent, ensuring you’re kept in the loop throughout the process.

If you have a dead animal anywhere on your property, give Secret Agent Pest Control & Wildlife Removal a call today for a free consultation.


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Dead Animal Removal Services

Even though the most effective way to prevent dead animals from ending up on your property is to prevent them from entering and living in it. But now that the problem is already here, you need to deal with it professionally.  

Our dead animal removal services include:

  •   Locating the dead animal in your property – wall, attic, under the deck, in the yard, etc.
  •   Removal of the dead animal
  •   Disinfecting the entire area
  •   Disposing of the carcass of the dead animal properly
  •   Animal proofing to prevent the infestation from re-occurring

Secret Agent Pest Control and Wildlife Removal specialize in the following dead animal services in Ontario Canada:

Get Rid Of Dead Animals Toronto Area

Coming across a dead animal on your property is never a pleasant sight. Once you have gotten over the initial shock, you must remove dead wildlife from your property. Due to the smell and health risks of an animal carcass, it is important to have the dead animal removed as soon as possible.

Secret Agent Pest Control and Wildlife Removal have decades of experience dealing with a variety of wildlife in Ontario Canada. Our team is trained to dispose of dead animals safely. Removing the dead carcass from your property will also help eliminate the dangers and pest infestations accompanying them.

Call Secret Agent Pest Control and Wildlife Removal at 647-578-9354 to promptly put an end to that nasty dead animal smell for good!

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