Boxelder Bug Control

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Professional Boxelder Bug Removal

Professional Boxelder Bug Removal

Let’s face it, no one is comfortable around creepy crawlers like boxelder bugs even when you know boxelder bugs might not cause you serious harm. Boxelder bugs are an example of one annoying pest that people of Ontario commonly experience after summer.

Where To Find Boxelder Bugs?

While boxelder bugs are found on and around boxelder trees, feeding on flowers and fruits of almond, cherry, peach, pear, and plum trees, they easily creep inside your homes to stay for the winters. Boxelder bugs will invade homes to create a new living space if there are entry points through wall cavities, food, and a warm place to lay eggs.

Boxelder Bugs (Boisea trivittata)

Prevent Infestations On Box Elder Trees & Indoors

Boxelder bugs are not a big concern if they are present in fewer numbers.

As their community begins to grow and they hover outside your house, they try to secure a place inside your house for overwintering.

Here are a few steps you can take to prevent the entry of boxelder bugs:

  • Keep your doors and windows closed until necessary
  • Add weather-stripping to movable windows and doors
  • Add fine mesh screens to dryers, heating vents, or any vent that leads outdoors
  • Secure chimneys and other gaps in roofs or walls
  • Vacuum frequently

Prevention measures for boxelder bugs work best if you take care of the boxelder bugs as soon as the weather starts to cool down.

However, for a grave boxelder bug infestation, it is better to resort to a professional boxelder bug removal service like ours at Secret Agent Pest Control and Wildlife Removal, with a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Kill Boxelder Bugs With Professional Extermination

Secret Agent Pest Control & Wildlife is confident to take you out of your boxelder bug problem with our hand-picked exterminators who go to lengths to drive out each pest.

Get rid of box elder bugs today by calling Secret Agent Pest Control at 647-578-9354. Boxelder bugs eat from box elder trees, but that won't stop them from entering your home and becoming a nuisance pest indoors as well.

Keep your window and door screens secure, especially in the early spring. This will prevent large groups of boxelder bugs and stink bugs from being able to enter your home. Seal any cracks and crevices on the exterior walls of your property for the same reason.

Boisea trivittata - Boxelder Bug

Secret Agent Boxelder Bug Control

Secret Agent Pest Control provides decades of experience in boxelder bug removal, proven extermination methods, safe treatment procedures, affordable prices, and a trusted track record. Boxelder bugs are known to eat any boxelder tree on your property, but they will also eat ash trees and are drawn to smells from your home as well.

At Secret Agent Pest Control, we are here to answer all your pest-related queries, provide a free quote over the phone, and schedule our skillful services as per your needs.

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Infestations On Boxelder Trees & Inside Homes

A boxelder bug is not potentially harmful to human health, pets, or even property, however, they do have some annoying traits that can drive you mad if you are a hygiene freak.

  •   They multiply in great numbers within days
  •   Their feces can stain light-coloured fabric and furniture
  •   They emit a foul smell when crushed

Whether a pest infestation is potentially harmful or just an annoyance, getting rid of these pests is crucial for optimum hygiene and one wonders what they can do to prevent it themselves.

Boxelder Bug Extermination FAQs

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