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Ladybugs are commonly known as Asian Lady Beetles and they are orange/red, dome-shaped beetles with a varying number of black dots on them.

Kids love catching this beetle in their backyards or on school grounds and bringing them along inside a bottle and no one is really thinking about an infestation of this potentially harmless and cute little creature.

This beetle has adapted to withstand harsh weather conditions and their ability to multiply quickly has made them endemic to Ontario, Canada. In fact, there are about 475 species of ladybugs found in Canada. They are only 0.8 to 10 mm in size making them sneak quite easily inside the houses looking for warm places for overwintering.

They are largely known to benefit people by controlling crop-eating bugs and common garden aphids and carry no potential health risks which makes one wonder whether they should be concerned about ladybug infestation.

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Coccinellids or ladybugs are small insects and are found worldwide with over 5000 species.

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How serious is a boxelder bug infestation?

A boxelder bug is not potentially harmful to human health, pets, or even property, however, they do have some annoying traits that can drive you mad if you are a hygiene freak.

  •   They multiply in great numbers within days
  •   Their feces can stain light-coloured fabric and furniture
  •   They emit a foul smell when crushed

Whether a pest infestation is potentially harmful or just an annoyance, getting rid of these pests is crucial for optimum hygiene and one wonders what they can do to prevent it themselves.

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Lady bugs are friendly little insects in a way that they do not bite, transmit disease or feed off our food.

However, one native species of Ontario, the multi-coloured ladybug is known to gather in huge crowds during the fall in hope of being an uninvited guest for the winter. Once they find their way in through cracks and openings, they will look for safe spots in attics and open spots to hibernate.

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How To Get Rid Of Lady Bugs Toronto

To prevent a ladybug invasion, you will have to make sure that you seal all entry points.

This may include:

  •   Caulking and weather stripping
  •   Sealing the cracks, holes, and crevices
  •   Seal gaps in vents, roofs, and service utility entrances
  •   Careful and consistent vacuuming

Lady Bug Extermination FAQs

How do I get rid of ladybugs permanently?

There are many prevention methods you can adopt like sealing the holes, crevices, and vents or weather-stripping and caulking. However, for a guaranteed 100% removal of ladybug infestation, you will have to hire professional help for combination techniques that are safe and effective.

Why do I have an infestation of ladybugs in my house?

You have a ladybug infestation in your home because they are looking for a warm place to hibernate in the winter.

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