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We use commercial bait to effectively remove rats from your property.

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Secret Agent Pest Control & Wildlife Removal provides trapping, chemical treatments, and non-toxic approaches. This way, property owners can pick the best solution for their circumstances.

We inspect the area to detect rat entry points and nests. Then, we create a plan tailored to your home or business to target those problem areas. Using professional pest control services is the best option for business owners and homeowners in the city. It is effective and fast.

Rat Control for Farms

Agricultural rats are much bigger than the usual household pest. They like grassy fields, barns, granaries, corn fields, and buildings near farmlands. Polynesian rats are known for their strong sense of smell. Meadow voles are loners and packrats are called woodrats. Each species needs different pest control. So, if you have a roof rat infestation, get professional help.

Rat in appliance

Rat Infestation: Rats Leave Signs!

Have you seen any hints of a rat invasion in your home or business? Droppings, gnaw marks, or even the rats themselves are likely what you have spotted.

Rats scavenge for food in your trash and other places they can find food. Knowing the signs of a rat infestation can help you decide whether you need to hire a professional pest control service.

Types of rats

Rats come in many species. From the timid field rat to the big, bold Norway rat, they can be found in residential and commercial areas.


Rat droppings are a sure sign of an infestation. You'll find them in corners, behind/under appliances and furniture, near interior walls, and near entry points. They measure 0.5 cm to 1 cm long, are dark, and have tapered ends plus ridges on their sides.

Also, there's a strong musty smell as rats' scent glands are in their urine and droppings.

Gnaw Marks

Gnaw marks are a tell-tale sign of a rat infestation. Their strong incisors can cause big damage to wood, wiring, and other materials. Check around windows and doors for small indentations in the wood.

You may also find gnawing on food containers, and plastic, or rubber items. Rats are omnivorous and will eat whatever they can find. So make sure to secure lids on food storage containers.

Rat indoors

Rats In Walls

If you hear scratching, it might not be insulation; it could be rats. They often nest behind walls or between floors and apartments.

Gnaw marks around electrical outlets or phone lines can mean rats are close by. Rats' teeth never stop growing, so they chew hard surfaces. This can cause short circuits or fires if left unchecked.


Rats love to build nests. They look for places that are safe and warm. Typically, this will be in homes, warehouses, barns, and other outbuildings. Nests can be constructed in walls or attics, or other areas where they are safe.


Rats are active mainly at night. We can hear them scurrying and scratching in walls, floors, and ceilings. This sound can be occasional or regular, which is an indication of a big rat infestation.

Norway Rat Control Methods

Rats can be a problem in homes and businesses. This is why it's important to have a good pest control plan.

Unfortunately, the best method for a rat problem does result in dead rats (rat poison distributed using commercial bait). For this reason, we always recommend proactive and humane approaches to the removal of roof rats, brown rats, Norway rats, and more.


Traps can be a great way to remove rats from homes or businesses. They are effective for rat population control, but not always suitable. Different traps work for different types of rats and successful technicians are usually well-versed in rat behavior.


Poison is a common way to control rat populations. Rat poison uses toxins to break down the body's defenses, leading to death by dehydration. Pest control companies use commercial bait systems, strategically placed around the property.

Rat outdoors

Rat Control Toronto Services


Rats can be a pain in the neck in both homes and businesses. It's vital to do something swiftly to stop them from running riot. Rat control services can help you take the steps needed to prevent, reduce and get rid of infestations.

In this article, let's have a look at the pros and cons of residential and commercial pest control services.


Inspection: Controlling Rats Effectively


Combatting an infestation requires a comprehensive inspection of the property. For residential properties, this includes the exterior of the home, buildings, trees, and shrubs. Inspecting these areas can reveal nests and trails, allowing pest control technicians to determine which species are present, the severity of the infestation and whether they are entering from outside or living inside the building.

Indoor inspections involve attics, crawlspaces, closets, basements, and other areas where activity has been found. Signs of infestation indoors include droppings and urine stains on walls or baseboards at ground level.

Rat Removal

Commercial Rat Control Toronto

For commercial properties, an inspection is necessary to locate any food sources that may attract rats. Evidence of rat activity includes droppings and urine trails along floors and walls, as well as gnawing marks on wood or wiring.

Drain lines from restrooms or other services should be checked for signs of rats entering the building. Once the inspection is complete, tailored treatment plans can be implemented for effective control measures, tailored to each unique situation.

Rat Removal: Control Rats Now!


Rat control services are a must-have to keep homes and businesses pest-free. Rats can spread disease, damage property, and spoil food. Our team of reliable rat exterminators keeps your home and business safe from roof rats or house mice.




Treating rat infestations depends on their severity. Methods can range from monitoring to more comprehensive strategies, like baiting and trapping.

Businesses need intensive procedures like enhanced sanitation, exclusion, proofing, baiting, inspections, maintenance, monitoring, devices, and cages/nets. Intensive trapping may be necessary for certain conditions, to quickly reduce levels before expanding treatments.




After the initial visit, reducing rat numbers and preventing re-infestation requires a follow-up process. This usually includes regular monitoring and treatments.

In high-risk areas, baiting may be needed. This includes food materials with delayed mortality poison like warfarin. Tamper-resistant bait stations should also be installed. Baiting should continue until no new pests are seen for two weeks.

A: We offer both residential and commercial rat control services. Our services include trapping, cleaning and sanitation, and exclusion.

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