Bird Nest Removal Toronto Area

We will safely relocate all wildlife from your property to their natural habitat.

Bird Nest Removal Services In Toronto

Birds are not pests until your home becomes their perfect nesting arena. Their nests won't only disfigure your home's attractiveness but also pose a significant threat to your health and wellness.

Birds also abhor deadly pests like mites; they produce offensive odour, while their feathers and nest cause clogged drains and gutters that could lead to many health complications. 

This is why you must get rid of birds from your home as soon as possible, even if it requires hiring experienced pest exterminators. 

Don't know how to remove bird nests from your home? Don't worry. We will discuss the best way to do this in this post.

Bird Nest Relocation Toronto Area

Birds build their nest close to humans for security purposes. They want their home in a secluded and conducive place predators can't reach. 

 Some birds build their nest on the roof, while others believe somewhere behind your shutter, attic, ledges, or air vents is the most secure place to call home.

bird nest with eggs

Disadvantages Of Bird Nests To Homes

Bird Nest Causes Health Challenges 

Birds are host to pathogens dangerous to human health. Their droppings contain bacteria like histoplasmosis, while their nest abhors ticks, mites, and other parasites. Therefore, living together with birds exposes you to different health complications. 


Damage To Home And Car

Bird droppings won't only affect your health, but they could also damage your cars and home decor due to their corrosive features. Perching the walls too often will create marks and stretches on the building. 

It Could Lead To Fire Outbreak

Some nests can get burnt too easily due to their hairy components. Any electric spark could cause a significant fire disaster if it touches the next. 


Clogged Drain And Gutters  

Debris from birds' nests and feathers can block drains and gutters, leading to an inadequate drainage system. A clogged drain will result in moisture issues characterized by foul and offensive odours. 


Unnecessary Expenditure

You will spend some money to treat yourself; more cash to fix your damaged cars and buildings.  Therefore, it won't be out of place to say that having a bird's nest in your house creates unnecessary expenses if you don't act fast. 



Birds' annoying tweets and sounds will make the environment uncomfortable for you and your family.  Afternoon naps will be impossible due to the nuisance created by the loquacious creatures. 


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Bird Nest Removal Services

Regular bird sound: 

Birds are not the quietest creatures on earth. They tweet, chirp, coo, or screech based on their species. A bird is sharing your home with you if you hear any of the annoying sounds too often. 


Bird feathers and nesting materials:

There are birds in your compound if you see their feathers and nesting materials littering your floor. 


Bird feces or droppings on your cars' floors and walls: 

There are birds in your attic window if you notice increased bird feces on your floors and car. 


Holes on the roof: 

Birds love staying in high places as long as it's conducive and safe. They will create a space for their nest on the roof and perch it in search of food. You are living with birds if you observe holes on your roof alongside other signs above. 

Get Rid Of Bird Nests In Toronto Area

Removing birds' nests from your house is the best way to prevent them from coming your way

Unfortunately, removing a bird's nest isn't as simple as it sounds because some nests are as tiny as sparrows or finches. You need experts who will conduct a thorough inspection to identify their locations. 

You also need a bird nest removal expert to help provide all the treatments that guarantee a healthy home during and after the removal exercises.

Empty bird nest

Bird Nest Removal FAQs

Are Bird Nests Dangerous? 

Yes, bird nests are dangerous as they abhor pests and ticks that are harmful to human health.


When Is The Best Time To Remove Bird nests? 

The best time to remove bird nests is after the nesting season. However, it might be a bit difficult to know the bird species in your home and their off-nesting period. This is why you should hire experts for efficient bird nest removal services.

Secret agent pest control & wildlife removal

Located in Ontario, we are readily available to help you remove all types of bird nests from your house. 

With over 20 years of experience, our experts know how to remove all the nests in your home without affecting your indoor activities. 

Our affordable services begin with a brief consultation where we answer all your questions regarding how we intend to carry out the process. After a productive discussion with you, we will proceed to intense inspections.

We won't only remove the nests, but we will also apply some products that will make your house a red zone for other birds in the foreseeable future. 

Our customer-first approach has worked for many Canadian homeowners over the years; we believe it would work for you too. 


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