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Bed bugs are notoriously hard to get rid of. As an exterminator, I have seen many people who have tried DIY methods and ended up with a worse infestation than they started with. It is not impossible to eradicate bed bugs on your own, but you should do so with extreme caution.

When it comes to getting rid of bed bugs in the GTA, there is no one better than us at Secret Agent Pest Control & Wildlife Removal. We offer guaranteed bed bug extermination because we are confident our treatments will eliminate your bed bug infestation for good.

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Bed Bug Exterminators Toronto Area

If you've got a bed bug infestation, you're not alone. They are a common pest in Toronto and the surrounding area. If your home is infested with these bugs, you'll want to call an exterminator as soon as possible for immediate bed bug removal

Bed bugs can be difficult to get rid of on your own because they have specific needs in order to breed and survive: an organic food source, a warm area, and a dark hiding place.

That's why it's important that if you suspect that there might be a bed bug infestation in your home or office building, you contact a professional right away for a bed bug inspection and a bed bug extermination service.

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Bed Bug Infestation Toronto Area

Secret Agent offers bed bug extermination that can help you to get rid of the bed bugs without using bed bug heat treatment. Are you looking for reliable bed bug extermination services in the GTA? Our team of professional bed bug exterminators is here to help.

The cost of an exterminator is dependent on the size of your home and the number of rooms targeted by the infestation. To learn more about the cost of conventional bed bug treatment when hiring our professional exterminators call us today!

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Toronto Bed Bug Control Service

Bed bug extermination is simple when you hire the best pest control company in the GTA. Bed bugs can infest your house causing severe allergic reactions and will contaminate all of your belongings. They are hard to get rid of and require professional pest control services.

As a leading bed bug exterminator, we are dedicated to providing the best possible service for our clients. That's why we offer 100% guaranteed bed bug extermination. If you're not completely satisfied with your results or you detect bed bugs after treatment, then we'll come back and take care of the issue for free.

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Guaranteed Bed Bug Control Service

Our bed bug extermination services are your most effective defense against these pests. Our team of experts will treat all areas of a home—from the basement to the attic and everywhere in between—to ensure that they have no place to hide.

We'll also let you know how to prevent future infestations from occurring in your home and how to go about detecting bed bugs in the future.

We take pride in our stellar reputation, which is why we offer 100% customer satisfaction to guarantee a great bed bug extermination experience. Whether it's one room or a whole house, whenever you need help getting rid of these nasty critters, we're always ready with an answer: call us today! Sleep peacefully knowing your bed bug issues are exterminated from your entire house.


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Our company is the best bed bug exterminator Toronto has to offer. We have been in business for over 10 years, and we have a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee. Our team of highly trained and experienced technicians can get rid of your bugs quickly, efficiently, and without damaging your property.

We serve all areas of the GTA and offer 24/7 service for all your needs. Our bed bug exterminator in Toronto also offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee as long as you are still an active client with us!

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How much is a bed bug exterminator?

The cost of hiring a bed bug exterminator depends on several factors. The first is how many rooms in your home or building are affected by the infestation. If there are only one or two areas that require treatment, then you can expect to pay $500 or less for the entire job.

However, if you see evidence of an infestation throughout all areas of your property (i.e., furniture, walls, and floors), then this figure will be higher. This is because the process involves treating each room individually.

Are there any other pests on your home? If so, you may need integrated pest management which will be an additional cost to your residential pest control as well. Commercial pest control is higher on average since the properties are larger.

A good way to keep things cheap is by finding an experienced company who offers deals on their services such as discounts for multiple rooms or discounts based upon a monthly payment plan rather than upfront payment all at once - this way when it comes time for them doing their job they won't have any hidden charges!

Secret Agent Pest Control & Wildlife Removal offers $50 off to all customers for their first pest control service, whether you have carpet beetles, a bed bug infestation, mice, or anything else! Excellent customer service is something we strive for with all of our chemical treatments and extermination services.

Who is the best bed bug exterminator in the GTA?

Secret Agent Pest Control is the best because we spend the time explaining to our customers how to avoid getting another infestation in the future. Our whole team is fully licensed and we go the extra mile to be extremely helpful to all clients dealing with pest problems in the Greater Toronto Area.

We are your number one source for an efficient, safe and effective extermination treatment. Phone us today to speak to a licensed technician and to receive a free quote on bed bug extermination in the GTA.

Our team consists of highly skilled and trained individuals who know exactly how to eliminate critters from your home or business. We offer 24/7 customer support so you can get answers to any questions that may arise during the bed bug removal process.

What does a bed bug exterminator do?

Bed bug exterminators offer 100% guaranteed bed bug removal. These critters are tiny insects that live on humans (their primary host). They feed on human blood for their entire life cycle, which lasts about one year and they are common in Southern Ontario. A female can lay up to 500 eggs during this time, hatching from eggs within three to twelve days. The nymphs go through five stages before they become adults and can lay eggs themselves; this process takes around three weeks each time.

Secret Agent Pest Control will come into your home and inspect it thoroughly so you know exactly how many infestation points there are and where they're coming from in order to get rid of them quickly and efficiently without having any problems later down the road - after all, nothing can be worse than having an infestation re-emerge after having dealt with it once already!

We are proud to deliver complete eradication and professional pest extermination. Don't let bed bugs infest your home anymore. Live bed bug free by calling us today for a guaranteed bed bug inspection.

What to do before a bed bug exterminator comes?

To properly exterminate bed bugs, make sure that you have removed all clutter and items from the room. This includes emptying dresser drawers and closets, removing linens and clothes from the room, washing all linens and clothes, washing all bedding and clothes (including furniture), and removing items from under your bed. This is the ideal situation to remove bed bugs forever and the best bed bug exterminators will recommend these steps for best practice.

If you know that there is a possibility that there are bugs in any part of your home (for example if you or a family member has been bitten), then it is recommended to book bug extermination in Toronto as soon as possible. Unfortunately, the GTA is struggling to control the outbreak of these bugs, so if homeowners don't handle it right away, the bugs will travel and our infestation problem will be left unchanged.

How many professional treatments does it take to get rid of bed bugs?

So, how many treatments does it take to get rid of bed bugs? The answer is: "It depends." However, if we can't fix the problem we offer a full money-back guarantee.

These bugs are very difficult to eliminate as far as pest issues go. If treatment fails, it usually wasn't done by a professional.

In the GTA, many people will need multiple treatments before their infestation is eradicated and they can be sure that all bed bug eggs have been killed. This is more likely is the problem has been left unchanged for a long time before taking any action on it. Sometimes, the whole process may include up to 3 treatments to feel comfortable that there are no bugs left in the environment at all.

The most important thing about hiring an exterminator for this kind of job is that you must find someone reputable so your home isn't left exposed and vulnerable during the treatment phase—it's also essential that you follow their instructions carefully because even one mistake could cause damage or delay results (and cost more money in repairs).

Always hire insured, licensed, and professionally approved specialists with great experience. If you're wondering "What to do before bed bug exterminator comes?", don't worry! We will make sure all of your questions are answered. There are no embarrassing questions to discuss when it comes to seeking help with pest control. We've seen it all.

Is it possible to get rid of bed bugs without an exterminator?

Bed bug infestations can be extremely difficult to manage on your own. They hide in carpets, mattresses, bedding, and even cracks in walls that are hard to reach. They also tend to spread very quickly if you're not careful about how you handle them, which means it's important for you to call an exterminator right away if you think that you have a bed bug problem at home.

They are experts at hiding and moving around, so the best way of dealing with them is by hiring an exterminator who knows what they're doing. If you've got an infestation yourself or know someone who does: get them help immediately!

Secret Agent Pest Control does an awesome job in the GTA. As you can read for yourself from the reviews of past customers, we offer amazing service due to our skills and years of combined knowledge. For more details on any of our services, just pick up the phone and give us a call.

Are you on a budget? No problem! Get $50 off your first service, no strings attached.

How do I permanently get rid of bed bugs?

The process of removing bed bugs can be lengthy and costly, but it’s worth it when you consider that a single bed bug bite can cause rashes and skin infections. The benefits of getting rid of these nocturnal biters is well worth the cost of having it done, especially when you have trained technicians doing a fantastic job in your area.

Why does it cost so much to get rid of bed bugs?

Let's take a look at why these bugs are more expensive to treat than other pests:

Bed bug treatment is more complex. Because these bugs are a different kind of pest, we have to use different pesticides that aren't as effective or less toxic against other pests.

They are harder to get rid of than other pests. Just like cockroaches or termites, bed bugs can hide just about anywhere in your home—in dresser drawers and closets; under beds; behind walls near outlets; inside electrical outlets themselves; even inside furniture and mattresses!

They're also very small so they can squeeze into tiny cracks where most exterminators won't even check for them such as along baseboards and floorboards near baseboards which makes it difficult to know exactly how many there might be before starting treatment with no guarantee that all will be eliminated by any given method which results in repeat visits necessary because new ones keep popping up since their eggs hatch faster than adults emerge from hiding places where they've been undetected until now.

To learn more about the cost of bed bug exterminator, call us today.

Do bed bugs stay in one room?

The fact is that a bed bug can travel through the walls, heating system, air ducts, pipes, elevator shafts, and more. They are so small that they can fit into tiny openings. In other words, they can be found in any part of your house or apartment.

These bugs ugs are very hard to get rid of completely because there are so many spots where they can hide from you. So if you want to prevent them from coming back again then you should take care of all areas where there is a possibility for them to enter your home or workplace such as doorframes and windowsills etc.

What instantly kills bed bugs?

There are a variety of products that can be used to kill bed bugs. Some of these include:

  1. Bed bug bombs (temperature and odor bombs)
  2. Bed bug sprays (this is what we use as it is the most cost-effective for our clients)
  3. Heat treatment (heaters, chemical heaters)

What is the main cause of bed bugs?

Bed bugs are attracted to warmth and human blood.

Are bed bugs hard to get rid of?

Yes, they are difficult to get rid of as they can hide in small cracks, crevices, and joints. It is also hard because they can travel from host to host through the use of people's clothing and luggage. If a person stays in an infested area, they may bring the bed bug home with them in their luggage or on their clothes.

These bugs are often not very visible because they lay their eggs inside furniture crevices or other places that are hard to see. Bed bug bites don't always leave marks on the skin since many people have no reaction from being bitten by one; however, there are some signs you can look for if you think you might have been bitten by a bed bug:

  • A small puncture wound (similar to mosquito bites) at each bite site; these wounds appear red and scab over within 1-3 days
  • Small red bumps or flat reddish welts that develop into raised red welts after several days
  • An itchy rash with no visible puncture wounds

How do I clean my house after bed bug treatment?

After an inspection and treatment, you can begin the process of cleaning your home. It is recommended that items be washed in hot water or taken to a dry cleaner immediately. If you can’t wash it, use a disinfectant spray on the item and let it air dry away from direct sunlight.

Launder all bedding, including sheets and pillowcases; this includes any comforters or mattress pads that are not washable by machine. Remove drawers from dressers and clean under them as well as inside the dresser itself (spills may have occurred within).

What exterminator is best for bed bugs?

If you are looking for a bed bug exterminator, then you have come to the right place. We have been providing high quality service to our customers for over years and we want to help you get rid of those pesky bugs in your home.

Here are some steps you can take when trying to find the best bed bug exterminator:

  • Do not hire an unlicensed technician for bed bug extermination. They might be cheaper but their work product will suffer because they do not know how to properly treat your home or belongings.
  • Ask friends and family members what they used when they had a similar problem with their own homes and ask them how their experience was with them as well as whether or not they would recommend them again if needed in future situations like this one where there weren't enough funds available at first glance before calling out someone else who could take care of things better than expected!

How effective is an exterminator for bed bugs?

Very effective. If you have a bed bug infestation, it's time to call the professionals. The fact is that these bugs are difficult to exterminate and often take more than one treatment. Bed bug extermination can be expensive, but it's much more cost-effective than vacating your home for months at a time or buying new furniture every few months.

Will bed bugs ever go away?

They are a difficult pest to control. They can live for long periods of time without feeding, which means the only way to eliminate them is by treating every inch of your home. You can’t just treat one room or one piece of furniture because even if you think they are gone, they can reappear when you least expect it.

Do you have to throw everything away when you have bed bugs?

Most people understand that bed bugs are a serious issue, but they may not realize just how bad of an infestation it can be. Bed bug exterminators will tell you that it is best to throw everything away when there is a problem with these pests. The reason for this is that bed bugs can survive for up to 18 months without feeding on their hosts, so even if you vacuum and wash every single item in your home, it's possible for them to still be hiding somewhere else in your home.

How long does it take to get rid of bed bugs after extermination?

You shouldn't see any more bugs after the extermination is complete, unless you need another treatment.

How long do bed bugs live after spraying?

Bed bugs can't survive for very long without feeding on your blood, so they'll likely die within a few days after being sprayed. It depends on the temperature and humidity in your home.

How long does bed bug treatment take?

If you have only one room that needs treatment, then you should be able to get rid of those pesky insects within a few days. But if you have more than one bedroom that needs attention, then it will likely take longer for the exterminator to eliminate them from your home. In other words: The more rooms that need treatment, the longer it will take!

What happens after a bed bug treatment?

As soon as the treatment is complete, you should start to notice a difference in your home. The majority of bed bug control products will start working immediately, but it may take a few days before you see all results. They are slow-moving insects, so they aren't going to spread far from their hiding spots overnight—but if you see any crawling around after your treatment, don't panic. They're probably just trying to get away from the poisonous fumes!

What does a bed bug treatment consist of?

If a bed bug infestation is suspected, a thorough inspection will be performed. This involves looking for signs of the insect and its eggs. Once the presence of bugs has been confirmed, a thorough cleaning should be done to eliminate any lingering traces of bugs and their eggs. If possible, this step should be done by professionals because they have access to better equipment and chemicals for such an important task.


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