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Pest control is the process of managing and controlling the population of certain animals or pests that are considered to be harmful, disruptive, or otherwise a nuisance. Techniques used in pest control can range from conventional and all-natural methods to more specialized strategies like chemical, biological, and mechanical approaches. 

Depending on the location and type of pest activity, we will tailor our services to best treat your problem.

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Conventional Methods: These are the most common pest control techniques used by our local pest control company. Such methods may include trapping (catching the pests), baiting (leaving food that lures them), repellants (producing smell or taste stimuli that keep pests away) or fumigation (gassing an area that contains pests).


Chemical Control: This technique uses chemicals designed specifically to kill target species. Common chemical agents used by our local pest control company are insecticides, herbicides, rodenticides, bird repellents and termiticides.


Mechanical Control: Mechanical controls seek either to physically exclude a particular species from an area where it is deemed not welcome through fencing or enclosure nets; or force it out of conditions where it can thrive for example with traps such as sticky boards for cockroaches

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Identifying signs of pest infestation in your home is the first step when it comes to deciding whether or not to hire a professional pest control company to eliminate them. 

Homeowners should pay attention to strange noises, sightings of pests, strange smells, and even seemingly minor signs like mud tunnels surrounding the foundation of the home or holes in walls or floors.

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Our team of highly trained pest management professionals offers the following services:

Inspection: Our technicians will thoroughly inspect your property to identify any current pest issues as well as areas that need more attention when it comes to exclusion techniques.

Prevention: After the inspection is completed, we will work with you to help identify new entry points that pests might be using and then provide advice on measures one can take to prevent future invasions.

Extermination:: Based on the information collected during the inspection phase and the prevention measures we recommend, our technicians will begin their treatment plan which may involve chemical or non-chemical treatments depending on your circumstances.

Maintenance Programs: Depending on the severity of your issue, our company provides long-lasting solutions through maintenance plans tailored specifically for you. This includes scheduling follow-up visits for continued protection against pests.

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