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We'll make your mosquito problems disappear without a trace.

Mosquito Removal Service Toronto Area

Are you struggling with the hazards of mosquito invasion?

Don’t you just hate it when you have been waiting months to break free from Canada’s frosty, bone-chilling weather and savour the breeziness of Summers but it comes hand in hand with buzzing creatures to literally kill our buzz: the mosquitos? 

The annoying little buggers are more than just an inconvenience, They:

  •   Continuously disturb us with their buzzing
  •   Hide in dark and humid places
  •   Bite and feed off our blood
  •   Leave us itchy and frustrated
  •   Have the potential to transmit diseases like Malaria and West Nile Virus.

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Mosquito Exterminators Toronto

While Mosquitoes are mostly found outdoors, especially near the source of still or slow-moving water, it is not long before you find a swamp of mosquitoes inside your house, behind the curtains, under the sink, inside the closet, and whatnot.

In Canada, Mosquitoes are more common from May to September when the temperature outside starts to get warm and comfortable.

No one, neither your children nor your pets is safe from the bites of these nasty pests.


We Have a Guaranteed Solution for Your Mosquito Problems

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Mosquito Control Near Me

While you might be inclined towards getting rid of the mosquito problem on your own, you can’t reach every dark nook and cranny of your house without undermining the safety of yourself, your children, and your property.

This is where we take charge!

At Secret Agent Pest Control & Wildlife Removal, we ensure the safe and effective removal of all kinds of Mosquitoes

We excel at making sure that your property is no longer a safe abode for them.

How To Get Rid Of Mosquitos Toronto

You will be surprised to know that there are 67 endemic mosquito species in Ontario alone and our highly experienced team of pest exterminators are equipped to identify and get rid of each of all of the mosquitos.

We realize that every house is unique and differ in severity of mosquito invasion so we tailor our services fully to your needs, keeping in mind the safety of kids, pets, and property.


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Get Rid Of Mosquitos In Toronto Area

We offer a range of mosquito control solutions after a scheduled survey of your property.

Our highly-trained specialist provides valuable recommendations after a thorough examination.

Based on their recommendation and your preference, you can choose:

  1. One-time Treatment
  2. Repeated treatments

Our barrier spray treatment is natural, non-toxic, and works instantly.

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Professional Mosquito Extermination Toronto

Our pest control technicians have been professionally dealing with pest issues for more than 20 years and leaving our clients satisfied, happy, and pest-free for the long term.

But this is not all.

With us, you can relax back as we take full charge of your pest problem...

  • Time-tested, specialized treatment options to drive away mosquitoes from your residence, office, or before any event.
  • Our services are backed by 15 years of experience in providing a long-term solution to mosquito problems.
  • We serve all cities in Ontario and are registered, licensed, and insured in providing our professional services right after one call.

Exterminator For Mosquitos Toronto Area

We are just a call away to answer any query you might have, offer a free quote, and drive every mosquito out of your house by the end of the day. Wait till you hear the best thing.

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Mosquito Infestation Toronto Area

Determine if any entrances into your home have been identified by checking with an experienced pest control professional or by conducting a visual inspection yourself. If you find any entrance points into your home (such as gaps around pipes) then seal them up immediately with caulking.

Wasp infestations are not something most people would expect to happen to them, but there are many things that can attract wasps to your home. For a free consultation and estimate on our wasp removal services in the greater Toronto area, give us a call today.

Mosquito Control FAQs

How long does it take to complete a mosquito control solution?

It usually depends on the size of your property, the extent of invasion, and the solution used. The average barrier spray treatment time can vary from 10 to 60 minutes. We make sure to work efficiently and provide instant and guaranteed results.


How can I get rid of mosquitoes myself?

It is best to get rid of any standing or stagnant water, use mosquito repellent spray and maintain the hygiene of everything around the house but to safely and effectively get rid of a serious mosquito problem, you might need professional help.

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