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We will safely relocate all wildlife from your property to their natural habitat.

Pigeon Removal Service Toronto Area

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In Toronto, pigeons can become a serious problem for house owners. The bird's nesting becomes an obstruction that hinders daily life activities. The ledges, crevices, and signage are what birds, like pigeons, are more likely to give shelter, since these are protected areas for the pigeons. 

When pigeons develop nests, they bring twigs and waste from different places. The waste caused by pigeons is unhygienic as it causes different problems for humans. This problem can be solved with our pigeon removal services. Our professionals are trained for customized bird nets and spikes that are flexible to adjust in narrow to wider areas. 

Pigeon Relocation Toronto Area

In this case, when humane and safe pigeon removal becomes essential, the owners need to trust the experts. We are a certified company that deals with pigeon removal services.

We improve the quality of your premises by removing the birds and pigeons in a secure way with complete cleaning and sanitizing. These measures are important before catching the pigeons with the help of bird nets and bird spikes. It helps with the humane removal of pigeons as well.

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Toronto Pigeon Control Near Me

If pigeons had taken shelter around your premises, then there would have been a huge amount of bird dump and defecation. Our first job is to clean the area of the feces with sanitizing gear that our professionals carry. 

Our potential gear used in this regard is a HEPA vacuum which alleviates the chances of the spread and manifestation of the diseases caused by the bacteria present in these feces. It is an eco-friendly disinfectant that has the ability to kill most viruses and bacteria.


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Toronto Pigeon Removal Services

The bird's nest we use for catching pigeons is made from a heavy-duty material to catch. These nests are helpful when the customers want to keep the birds from landing, roosting, and defecating your premises to a large extent.

It also reduces the chances of soil erosion and health conditions. The features of this bird net are UV resistant, waterproof, flame resistant, and will not break down from exposure to dangerous elements. These nets protect your house's exterior because they are flexible and effectively help in bird catching. 

Get Rid Of Pigeons In Toronto Area

Pigeons are more likely to take the support of a ledge or crevice and make the premises unhygienic due to defecation. Bird spikes are important to keep them from roosting and also prevent them from destroying smaller areas.

The best places to install these spikes are on top of pipes or brickwork. It is also the most effective way to catch pigeons without harming them at all. Spikes have a five years manufacturer's guarantee and a ten year guarantee for the case of steel material spikes.

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  • Affordable Services

Some companies are enticing because they offer affordable prices, but they are not long-lasting because of poor deliverance. Our professionals are completely trained to perform their job in the right way. 


  • Guaranteed results

We promise our customers when it comes to our product installation. Our products, like bird nets and bird spikes, serve for about 5 to 10 years. These are effective in resisting bird entries for many years in different areas of your house's exterior. 


  • Fast Service

Our services are open 24x7 since our professionals are well-prepared to cope with any bird-relevant problem for you. Advance catching gear and effective measures are what stands us out from other agencies. 


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