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We will safely relocate all wildlife from your property to their natural habitat.

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The rat is a small animal in the rodent family, identifiable by its pointed snout, small, rounded ears, and long, smooth tail. The rat is the most well-known species of rodent and local pest in Toronto

In some places, it is actually a common household pet. It's important to note that certain types of field mice are also common in particular regions. Avian predators like hawks and eagles feast on this rodent. They break into houses in search of food and, on occasion, safety.

Rat Relocation Toronto Area

Rats can be a nuisance because they eat and destroy crops, chew holes in walls, and spread disease via their parasites and waste. In Toronto, the pulmonary syndrome known as Hantavirus can be contracted by inhaling dust that has been contaminated by rat feces.

Rats are nocturnal creatures that rely heavily on their sense of smell and hearing to forage for food and avoid predators due to their limited vision.

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There is a common misconception that rats and other rodents, like mice, aren't smart. Luckily for you, a single visit from an exterminator could permanently solve a rodent problem at your house for rats, mice, voles, and even roof rats.

Service Toronto Pest Control provides both rodent extermination and trapping services (although we recommend extermination using commercial bait to prevent infestations). In order to prevent rodents from reentering the residence, an exclusion service will seal all possible entry points.


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Toronto Rat Removal Services

The fall marks the beginning of rodents' increased activity, which peaks in the winter. Every few years, you should have your home exterminated for rats, bugs, and other pests. Can't decide if exclusion service is necessary? Get in touch with us if you need a rodent inspection.

  • Prevention Methods: First, make sure that your property has no obvious entry points for rodents. Due to their pliable cartilage, mice can squeeze through openings as small as a dime.

  • Mice like to make their homes in dark, cluttered places, so cleaning up your attic and garage can help prevent an infestation.

  • It is essential to properly wrap food if you intend to store it in a garage. Containers made of stainless steel, glass, or strong plastic should be used for storage. Paper bags and cardboard boxes are no match for a mouse's chewing power.

Toronto Rat Control: How It Works

Treatment: If you suspect an infestation, contact us immediately. If you have a rat problem in your property or business, call the skilled exterminators at Secret Agent Pest Control to help you get rid of the rodents before they spread disease.

Rats can be controlled professionally with the use of traps, bait, and non-toxic chemicals to ensure that the mice do not return to the region.

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Do rodents like mice and voles fall under the scope of your policy? And what about spiders and wasps?

Spider sticky traps and knocking over nests are only temporary solutions, but a service pest control defense plan will keep more than just the "simple" pests away. We do it all: ant control, raccoon removal, and even dead animal removal. Call us today.

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