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We will humanely remove and relocate skunks to their natural habitat.

Skunk Removal Service Toronto Area

At Secret Agent Pest Control and Wildlife Removal, we offer reliable, effective, and humane skunk removal, trapping, and control services in Ontario, Canada. If you have noticed a skunk or a family of a skunk living on your property, we can offer services to remove them and even keep them out for good.

Skunk removal Toronto area

Skunk Exterminators Toronto

Are Skunks Problematic Around My Home?

Skunks need no introduction. These black and white mammals are a common nuisance animal in Ontario Canada, who plunder through properties looking for food, water, and shelter. Since these are usually large as medium-sized dogs, dealing with them offers some difficult challenges. It also includes the fact that they can spray foul-smelling odour when they feel threatened and transmit diseases through bites and scratches.

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The Best Way to Get Rid of Skunks

Skunks do not respond to strobe lights, repellants, ammonia, mothballs, and other products you find at online stores. We have visited a number of homes where these methods have not been effective. There are no repellants that will deter skunks from living on any property.

The only effective method to get rid of skunks is through live trapping and relocation, requiring special skills, experience, and licenses. Our experts at Secret Agent Pest Control and Wildlife Removal will first survey your property and create a custom plan to remove the skunk from the property. We also offer options to eliminate the smell and work with you to protect your property against future skunk encounters. 

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skunk removal toronto area

How To Get Rid Of Skunks Toronto

If you notice a skunk moving freely around your property, do not try to handle them on your own. Contact Secret Agent Pest Control and Wildlife Removal as soon as possible. There is no skunk problem that our team cannot handle. We will make your home safe and free from skunks and unwanted wildlife.

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Skunk Extermination FAQs

Are Skunks Dangerous?

Skunks can be dangerous when they feel cornered or are startled. They release sulfurous chemicals from their anal glands as their defensive weapon. When this is sprayed on you or your pets, the scent can be difficult to remove and may cause skin irritation or temporary blindness.

If someone is scratched or bitten by a rabid skunk, it should be treated as an emergency. Without urgent medical care, the chances of survival are quite small.

What Months are Skunks the Most Active?

Skunks are most active from February till early March, as it is the prime mating period. Typically, the litter is born between March and late May, and during the early fall, they start to venture out with their parents in search of food. During late fall, they can sense the temperature change and start looking for places to hibernate during the winter.

How Do I Know If I Have Skunks Underneath my Home?

Very often, you will have smelled skunks in your home or yard. But, many times, the smell is not immediately apparent. You should look for burrows and damage around your home, yard, garage, and near garbage storage areas.

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