10 Ways To Deter Seagulls

It is not ethical to try to force seagulls to relocate, as they are wild animals and have a right to live in their natural habitat. Seagulls, like all wild animals, play an important role in their ecosystem and it is not fair to try to disrupt their lives simply because they are present in an area where humans live.


How To Deter Seagulls

Instead of trying to get rid of seagulls or make them relocate, there are a few things you can try to do to deter them from coming around:


  1. Keep trash and food waste properly contained: Seagulls are attracted to easy sources of food, so keeping your trash and food waste properly contained can help discourage them from coming around.

Seagulls are omnivorous birds and will eat a wide variety of food, including small fish, crustaceans, insects, and scavenged human food. They are often seen near bodies of water such as the coast, rivers, and lakes, and will also forage on land for food. Some seagulls will also eat fruits and seeds. In general, seagulls are opportunistic feeders and will eat whatever food is available to them.

Standing Seagull

Physical Barriers

2. Install physical barriers: Netting or other physical barriers can help keep seagulls away from areas where they are not wanted.

3. Use visual deterrents: Seagulls are often deterred by shiny objects, so hanging up reflective materials or using motion-activated sprinklers can help keep them away.

4. Use auditory deterrents: Seagulls are sensitive to certain sounds, so playing recordings of predators or using noisemakers can help deter them.

5. Use chemical repellents: There are a few chemical repellents available that are specifically designed to deter birds, including seagulls. However, it is important to use these products carefully, as they can also harm other wildlife and pets.

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Habit Modification

6. Habitat modification: Seagulls are more likely to roost in areas where they have easy access to food and shelter. Modifying the habitat in your area to make it less attractive to seagulls can help deter them.

7. Use a decoy predator: Seagulls are naturally afraid of predators, so placing a decoy predator in the area can help deter them.

8. Use a water spray: Seagulls are less likely to land in areas where they are likely to get wet, so spraying water in the area where they are congregating can help deter them.

9. Use a bird-scaring device: There are a number of devices available that are designed to deter birds by emitting loud noises or flashing lights.


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10. Use a professional pest control service: If the seagull problem is severe, you may need to hire a professional pest control service to help deter the birds. However, it is important to choose a service that uses humane methods for controlling bird populations.


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