Is bat removal covered by home insurance?

If, in any case, a family of bats forced their way into your home, home insurance companies will not likely pay you for the extent of the damage or for professional bat removal. A standard policy usually won't compensate you for the losses or damages because it is considered normal wear or tear.

Since most factors like termite and rodent infestation are classified into the maintenance category, every insurance company will refer to these costs as policy exclusions, which is terrible for property owners.

But then, if your insurance service has none of the mentioned modifications, they will cover you for the attic bat infestation and physical damage. All you need to do is contact the service provider, conduct an inspection to ascertain the extent of the damage, and claim your rightful share.

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Bat removal in Toronto, Ontario

3 Ways to Prevent a Bat Infestation at All Costs

Introduce Bat Enemies

Introducing bat enemies is one of the most important remedies to keep bats away from your home. For instance, introducing fake owls in high places. Ensure that you move the owl to a different place thrice every year.


Close the doors and windows

Do regular inspections to ensure that your home is sealed well and all the windows and doors shut. You should also ensure that screens fit tightly and there are no entry points. During the dark, bats can invade your home using open spaces. Therefore, keep your home sealed, as bats can go through 3/8 inches of holes.


Close Your Chimney With A Stainless Steel Wire Mesh

Chimneys are bats' favorite places in homes because they have all the requirements for bats to breed. It is important to make a steel cap cover with a wire mesh covering on your chimney. This will prevent bats from invading. This bat-proofing method saves you from dealing with bat poop in your heating area.


Is bat removal covered by homeowners insurance?

In a case where a group of bats forced themselves into your home, insurance companies won't be liable and won't cover you for the damage caused and removal.

As a matter of fact, bat removal from your house will be considered a normal maintenance issue. This is one of the reasons why an insurance company will refuse to cover you for the bat removal cost on the property. Therefore, it is up to you to ensure that you take the necessary preventions in the first place to minimize the risk of having bats in your building.

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Initiate the Insurance Claim

Most home insurance policies do not cover bat removal directly, but it is important to take your time and find out if you will be covered for the damages.

The worst experience with bat infestations is that their droppings will damage your home's insulation. A homeowner policy will cover you for such repairs, but you should take immediate action to get covered.

Taking too long before asking the insurance policies for repairs will likely mean your damages will not to be covered regardless of the extent of the mess. The most important thing is to carry out research on different policies.


How to know for sure? Call your insurance company!

If you doubt whether your insurance company is responsible for bat removal, find out from their insurance policy or contact their consultants. They will let you know about the many policies that govern them and their terms.


How To Prevent Bat Infestation In Your Home

Bats encourage unwanted pests and insects in your home which may subject you to dangerous diseases. Therefore, regular bat inspection is encouraged. It is also advisable to report bat problems as quickly as possible to the concerned authorities.

On the other hand, do not attempt to get rid of bats yourself; consider hiring a pest removal company if you won't be covered by your insurance policy.

You also need to take necessary preventions to avoid incurring expensive bat damage issues. Close all the possible entry points for bats in your home.

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Though Bats come in many shapes and sizes, they follow the same general body shape

How to Remove Bats in Your Home

A good number of bats are endangered and can subject humans to health risks. It is important that homeowners seek advice from professionals before taking any action. If you want to do it yourself safely, follow the mentioned steps.

Position yourself near a wall. Bats won't attack you near walls because they fly lower in the middle of the room and higher near walls. Therefore, they won't attack you near walls.

Put on thick gloves. Never attempt to catch bats using your bare hands; it is important to wear thick gloves made of hard leather material. This is because bats can bite through soft cotton gloves

Use a hard piece of paper and a container. When capturing bats, gently place the container in the play where they have landed. You then have to slide the paper slowly to trap it inside.

Release the bat carefully without hurting it. It is quite difficult for bats to fly horizontally. Therefore, when you want to release it, go to an open place and tilt the container to enable it to fly.

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